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CNFactory Shoes: Legit or Not?

The correct shoes can help keep your body safe from injury, make your physical activity easier, and keep your feet healthy.

If you pick a shoe that is appropriate for your feet, suits your activity type, and fits you well, you will be more comfortable being active.

Unfortunately, the right shoes can often be very expensive. That is why a lot of people look for deals and discounts to save money. This is where CNFactory Shoes comes in.

Compared to the original brands, CNFactory Shoes offer cheaper shoes that come in a range of styles.

They’ve got a selection of replica sneakers from well-known brands in their catalog. Thus, it can be difficult to choose what to purchase.

Today, all brands have their own version of CNFactory replica sneakers. They provide premium replicas that are exact replicas of any model with the same design and materials.

However, is the CNFactory Shoe website legit or not? Let’s find out!

What is CNFactory?

CNFactory is a manufacturer that creates replicas of well-known sneakers. The company provides a wide variety of brands and designs to choose from. You can choose by finding the model references and names.

The shoes that CNFactory offers are a carbon copy of the original brand. Thus, you will have a hard time telling yourself whether it is fake or not.

They copy all details meticulously, from the placement of the sole to the color of the shoes to the boxed bottom label.

The main goal of this company is to offer customers all the latest models of sneakers on the market for a cheap price.

Whether you’re looking for Air Jordans, Nike Huarache Fusions, Kobe Bryant shoes, CNFactory will have it.

When we say the shoes are carbon copies, it means that the shoes have the same design and features. They do not fade over time, just like the original ones.


Features of CNFactory Shoe Website

  • If you want to visit their website, you just simply click
  • When you arrive at their website, you will find them selling shoes, safety joggers, and a lot of other things.
  • Their domain was registered on April 4, 2019. This means that their domain is already 2 years old.
  • If you want to send them an email, you can reach them at
  • If you want to call them, their contact number is 86 769 3901 8500
  • Their website also shows the prices of their footwear, which is cheap and fair.
  • When it comes to the quality of the shoes, it matches the price.
  • The website also mentions the guarantee and warranty of each product.
  • You can also get a refund if you choose to return the product you purchased.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Shoe on CNFactory

Just like any other online store, there are a couple of pros and cons you should know about CNFactory. This is especially true since they’re only selling replicas of original shoes.


  • Their website is user-friendly. Thus, you can easily browse their store for the product you want.
  • The item is made using high-quality materials. Customers can guarantee that the product will last for a long period.
  • The price of each product is reasonable and fixed.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of buying from CNFactory is that their shoes are only copies of branded ones.
  • The store also doesn’t provide many details about the products they offer.

Is CNFactory Shoe Legit?

According to people who have done their research about the website, their domain only has a trust index score of 31%, which is extremely low.

Also, there isn’t much information about replica shoes on the internet. When it comes to customer feedback, you can only find limited details on their website.

If you visit Reddit, you can find that the company is conducting free giveaways every week. You can even participate in this giveaway. All you need to do is to stay updated.

Furthermore, CNFactory does not have any social media channels that you can check. Because of this, the website requires further investigation if you plan to buy from them.

Should You Buy from CNFactory?

For those who don’t know, the shoes that CNFactory sells are made from dead stock. They don’t have any branding, label, or hologram.

They are simply shoes made to look like the original brand. The Chinese government has certified these shoes to be sold inside and outside of China.

Replica shoes are clones that are almost the same as the original brand. However, they are much more affordable compared to the original ones.

  • Their products are made in China.
  • Though their products are just replicas, the design and quality make them look like the original brand.
  • They are more affordable compared to the original.

Since original brands can be extremely expensive, people choose replicas that are carbon copies of the real ones to save money. These replicas can easily fool anyone.

Buyer Reviews of CNFactory Replica Shoes

Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to look for reviews from people who purchased their products. However, there are a couple of reviews online where the buyer appears satisfied with the product.

Of course, it is hard to argue if it is a legitimate review since there are only a couple of them on the internet. It will be up to you to decide if you want to buy from them.


So, is CNFactory Replica Shoes legit or not? It’s pretty difficult to answer this question, given the limited information we can get on the internet.

Furthermore, the shoes are manufactured in China. Thus, you can’t trust the quality of the shoes since Chinese products are known to have low quality.

Still, you can find a couple of reviews about the website where buyers are satisfied with the product.

So, if you are looking for a store that sells cheap shoes, make sure you do your research first before you place an order.

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