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Educational Movies That Can Change Your Views In Life

Many films in the education genre have become hit blockbusters, with Pixar’s The Incredibles as one of the most memorable. With the same charm and style, this sequel teaches children about good deeds and responsibility with superpowers.

Though the plot is a little predictable, the children will find the movie a fun and informative way to learn about the world around them. Here are some of the best educational movies of all time.

The Ron Clark Story

The Ron Clark Story is one such film, about a dedicated teacher who inspires students to achieve their dreams. The movie is based on the life of a famous American educator, Ron Clark. He used creative teaching methods and interactive techniques to improve the test scores of his black and white students. He re-instilled courage in his students and helped them achieve their goals. A great educational movie is always more entertaining than a dry and lifeless one.

The Ron Clark Story is another inspiring movie that focuses on the history of the launch of Sputnik 1. The film is based on the true story of three African-American women. It sets an example of inclusivity, hard work, and just rewards for the achievements of those pursuing higher education. It follows the lives of Katherine Dunn, who is a mathematician and widowed mother of two children. This is an excellent educational movie for families and children.

Hidden Figures

Another great educational movie is Hidden Figures, which is based on the launch of Sputnik 1 and the lives of three genius African-American women who helped the United States achieve the feat. This film is a must-see for children and adults alike. It sets a great example of inclusion, hard work, and just rewards.

It tells the story of Katherine Dunne, an African-American woman who is a brilliant mathematician but faces professional obstacles because of her race, gender, and age. The movie also shows how Katherine overcomes these obstacles to pursue her passion for math.

This educational movie is a great example of hard work, inclusiveness, and just rewards. The story centers on the role of a gifted mathematics teacher Katherine Dunn in the development of the space program. Its uplifting message is sure to encourage young minds to pursue their passions.

Dangerous Minds

The movie Dangerous Minds tells another of those uplifting parables in which a dedicated teacher makes an unorthodox effort to win over an unruly class. Maybe they tell you that because otherwise you would think they were purely fiction. Movies like this will always be “based on a real story.”

Michelle Pfeiffer plays the role of LouAnne Johnson, an ex-Marine who applies for a teaching job and is hired on the spot. She is told the school she will be teaching in has “special kids – dedicated, challenging.” A fellow teacher (George Dzundza) is more blunt:

Generally speaking, young people with social problems have bright minds and little or no educational skills. Johnson immediately provides a third opinion: “Rebels from hell.” She enters the classroom and is immediately attacked by a class of African-Americans and Hispanics who refer to her as “white bread.”

The next day, she returns with a more forthright message: “I’m a U.S. Marine. Do you know any karate?” They do, but mostly from kung-fu movies. When she throws a few of the kids, they pay attention.

Weed the People

A new documentary titled “Weed the People” highlights the struggles of children living with cancer, and their families, to deal with their illness, battling mean-spirited legislation and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ current efforts to roll back marijuana reforms. As well as the legal and technological barriers that families encounter in trying to care for their children, the film examines the country’s backwards laws regarding scientific research and usage of the substance.

Existing legislation prevents millions of Americans from benefiting from cannabis’ life-changing potential as a cancer treatment because it does not allow millions to use it. This film looks beyond politics and propaganda to reveal the brave stories of ordinary families seeking medicinal cannabis in order to save their children’s lives.

Dead Poets Society

1959 is the year when a teacher tearing pages from books aims to inspire a love of poetry in his students. He has a profound impact on the lives of his students because of his attitude and new perspective.

John Keating uses poetry to empower his boarding school students to express themselves more freely.

Todd Anderson, a painfully shy boy, has been sent to the school where his older brother excelled. Neil Perry, his roommate, is very much held back by his overbearing father, despite very much being smart and popular. Along with their other friends, they meet Professor Keating, their new English teacher. He informs them about the Dead Poets Society, and encourages them to go against the norm. In their own way, each of them goes against the norm, and is forever changed.

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