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Kenshi Season 2: Release Date, Cast, New Season/Cancelled

Video games have always had a separate and loyal fan base for themselves. Especially when it comes to role-playing video games, the fan following is crazily massive. Several IT brands invest in role-playing video games these days to advertise their product and some are even investing in these games as sincere sponsors.

Kenshi is a similar kind of role-playing video game that has its popularity surging amongst not just the teenagers but even the age group of 25 to 40. It is a game that has been developed and published by Lo-Fi Games for Windows. Kenshi primarily offers its players sandbox gameplay features. These features empower the players to develop a story of their own and be creative in their own ways. The game Kenshi was developed by a single person and after all the hard work, the game was finally launched on December 6, 2018.

Game details:

TV Series: Kenshi
Genre: role-playing video game
Game developer:  Lo-Fi Games
Game publisher: Lo-Fi Games
Game Designer: Chris Hunt
Release Date: December 6, 2018
Player modes: Single-player game
Engine used: OGRE
Launch Platform: Windows

Kenshi Season 2 Release Date

More about the game:

What more could one ask for, when they can have a video game that allows them to role-play and experiment with not just the characters but also have an entirely new storyline if they wish to create one. Kenshi is a game that is based on a hypothetical post-post-apocalyptic era. The plot is very simple and flexible at the same time. As a player of the game, you could be anything, a thief, a trader, or even a myriad. 

You can do whatever you wish to, in the game and even get involved in some action. The reviews received by the game after its Launch was quite overwhelming. Several critics appreciated and applauded the depth, MMO-style gameplay, and the various stages of difficulty it offers to the players to choose from.

Kenshi belongs to the genre of role-playing video games. It has been developed and published by Lo-Fi Games. The game has been designed by Chris Hunt and it was released on December 6, 2018.  It is a Single-player Game and the engine used in curating it is OGRE. Windows is the official platform for the game. The game has had a massive fan following from the day of its launch. Fans of the game are eagerly waiting for its sequel to be launched.


What makes Kenshi an outstanding and also one of the most intriguing video games of its time is its features like the real-time strategy elements that do not limit you with a linear narrative. It creates a parallel open world for its players to be discovered by their characters. 

This parallel world runs in a post-apocalyptic era and imposes several challenges on characters surviving in it. The game starts with its players knowing absolutely zilch about survival skills. Slowly and steadily they acquire alms and skills and develop an understanding to ease their way through the game.

To sharpen their skills, they have to practice a task again and again. If they want to sharpen their thievery, they need to get involved in thefts regularly. As you move through different stages, you are even allowed to form a personal army and recruit people to it. Also, the game does not even limit the players by allowing them to interact with just one species (human). They can recruit different species to their squad. The story progresses quite similarly to what happens in the real world. People get involved in wars and some die, while others proceed. Also, they have different countries and cities to discover.  


Chris Hunt is the one-man army behind the development process of this massively successful game. Hunt dreamt of developing this game for a long time. Especially between 2006–2008, while he was working as a security guard, he started taking his ideas more seriously. For a fact, he took up the job of a security guard, to earn a living during the time when he was going to develop this game. He worked as a security guard for about five years and finally when he had enough money in his bank to devote all his time to developing the game of his dreams, he quit the part-time job and got invested.

The game acquired a significant amount of success during its initial period and after 2013, Hunt earned enough money that he could afford a small team to work on the game. Chris Hunt likes to describe his parallel universe as “sword-punk”. When asked about what inspired him into developing this game, Chris Hunt talked about stories of wandering rōnin and how discovering a wasteland always amused and intrigued him. He also shared that he isn’t a big fan of hand-holding in most RPGs and that was another driving force that got him into developing his own game. The game expands over an area of 870 square kilometers and allows its players to strive for life. The game was officially released in 2018. 


Kenshi was released in 2013 and received quite an overwhelming and warm response from the public. The critic reviews also praised the game for its uniqueness and how it offers the experience of a parallel universe to its players. After its test run, the game was officially launched in the year 2018. 

According to the ‘review aggregator Metacritic’, the game bagged an overwhelming score of 75/100. Which is one of the highest scores ever deserved by a game. Also, most critics had the best things to say about the game. However, one of the critics did mention that once you start recruiting more and more people to the group, it could get tiring and cumbersome.

When will Kenshi 2 be released?

The first part of the game was received with a lot of warmth. The experience that the Kenshi has offered to its players is unforgettable and incomparable. In March 2019, the makers of the game announced a sequel to it and we’ve been waiting for it to be released soon.

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