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All you need to know about Nike dunks

Fashion has changed immensely over the decades and continually evolves. There is a far greater emphasis on comfort and style rather than having to wear uncomfortable items to work and out on an evening. Dress restrictions have lessened, which many consider to be for the better. Previous generations might have put up with aching feet and ties which make it difficult to relax, but thankfully those days are long in the past.

The sneaker phenomenon is a case in point. Nobody should have to feel uncomfortable and have aching feet which can lead to conditions in later life, especially when they can wear something classy, fashionable and that feels good such as Nike Dunks.

  • Originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports when founded in 1964 in Oregon USA, Nike is the biggest supplier of sneakers and athletic shoes and sports apparel in the world. They are a huge company that supplies some of the greatest sportsmen to ever walk the planet, such as Shane Warne, Tiger Woods, Carl Lewis, Cristiano Ronaldo, and of course, Michael Jordan, whose name is synonymous with a range of sneakers with retro editions still flying off the shelves.
  • Nike dunks follow in the footsteps of such greatness offering their wearers ultimate comfort and style with a huge range of colours and designs which are a huge addition to any collection or wardrobe. They are extremely adaptable and can round off a look perfectly when heading into the office or heading out for a social occasion wearing that unmistakable and iconic Nike swoosh logo and symbol which points to quality.
  • The dunks were originally designed in 1985, primarily for basketball players like the great MJ, but have continued to remain in vogue thanks to their durability and aesthetic appeal. The rubber sole design quickly became popular very quickly, with the sneakers being continually developed so that they remain perfect for everyday use. Because they are available with low, mid, and high styles, there is something to suit all tastes.
  • Nike continues to be a much sought-after sneaker brand worldwide, so it makes sense that the dunks remain in high demand. The cushioning makes them highly comfortable as they are made from the best materials while the fashionable designs also see wearers adorning them in great numbers. They offer cushioned soles so that there is no danger of damage to the foot, while the breathability that is afforded and added support ensures they are good to wear all day.
  • The range of wearers is extremely diverse, whether it be a musician playing a gig or an athlete participating in sport. Skateboarders got on board in the 90s with the dunks, while those fancying a walk also enjoy putting them on. Anyone in Australia and NZ have online access to the vast range when choosing a unique and dedicated sneakers supplier.

Nike dunks continue to be hugely popular as they provide style and fashion, along with durability and extreme comfort that can be worn with casual wear or when playing sports.

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