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Hair Trends That Will Dominate 2022

Trends come and go, while some come back stronger than ever. This is especially true for hairstyles. The bob, for example, never goes out of style. It has become a timeless trend that comes back now and then. Last year, salons blew up with the curtain bangs trend.

Now, what could await the year 2022 in the hair department? Let’s look at some of the hottest trends that are expected to dominate this year and some that have already gone viral since the start of 2022!

Rocking the Modern Mullet

Who would have thought women would be rocking the mullet decades after the Beastie Boys coined it in 1994? The modern mullet takes a cue from its roots—short on the sides and longer at the back—but made more progressive with a layered fringe to frame the eyes.

Celebrities have been sporting chic mullets since 2020, including Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Cardi B. And the statement hairstyle doesn’t look like it will die down soon.

Wispy Bangs Are Here to Stay

When it comes to bangs, there are a lot of different variations out there. But what seems to stand out this year are wispy bangs. They’re not too thick or too blunt, making them perfect for those who want to get bangs but don’t want to go all-in yet.

Wispy bangs add softness to thick hair and do wonders in framing the face. It’s reminiscent of the ‘90s feathered bangs look, but many celebrities, like Elizabeth Olsen, made the ‘do more modern by adding soft layers around the face.

Butterfly Cut: The Curtain Bangs Upgrade

Speaking of bangs, there’s another haircut that’s making rounds among TikTok celebrities and Instagram influencers: the butterfly cut. It’s called a butterfly because this one hairstyle can create two different looks. But how?

The butterfly cut looks similar to the curtain bangs, only more grown-out. The longer front hair makes it appear like the person has shorter hair when, in fact, it’s longer in the back. This can be more accentuated by putting the hair up in a ponytail and letting the upper layer fall effortlessly around the face.

Modern Shag: Did Someone Say Layers?

Since the pandemic, one style that many people have been sporting involves layers, layers, and more layers. This much is true with the modern shag cut, another trend we’re seeing with more and more celebrities each day.

Taylor Swift has been one of the frontrunners of this style since she wore it in 2020 until the present day, and she’s rocking it.

The shag trend always comes and goes, but that’s not to say it’s well loved by all. Anyone who finds layers daunting should steer clear from it as it involves TONS of them. However, the good thing is that it goes well with curly tresses.

Octopus Haircut—Yes, It’s a Real Hairstyle

Contrary to its name, the octopus cut isn’t something to be afraid of. In fact, a lot of people look gorgeous donning this hairstyle.

The octopus haircut consists of shorter layers that transition to longer ones from the top to the bottom of the hair. The cascading layers resemble an octopus’ tentacles, hence the interesting name. Basically, it’s like the shag and the mullet had a love child.

One thing this look requires, though, is commitment. Hairdressers suggest going back to the salon to refresh the cut once it grows to maintain the tentacle-ish look. But that’s just the little price to pay to sport beautiful chops like Billie Eilish.

The ‘80s Curl Comeback

Hair Trends 2022

The ‘80s were all about the volume—the bigger, the better! And people are seeing it make a head-turning comeback this year. Curly-haired gals will love embracing their natural texture with this on-trend hairstyle. All they need is a hairspray, a teasing brush, and a whole lot of mane.

But people that don’t have enough natural volume shouldn’t fret. They can still sport this style by using the right hair extensions for their hair type and texture. One tip is to choose extensions made with Remy human hair to ensure the best natural-looking volume for that ’80s cut.

Y2K Tendrils

Remember when proms in the ‘90s were all about tendrils? Those two pieces of hair hanging on each side of the face easily make their way back into 2022. It’s also very Y2K, a comeback style a lot of celebrities, like Olivia Rodrigo, have flaunted.

There are many ways to style tendrils. They can be straight, braided, or waved. They do great in framing the face and add attitude to a boring bun, updo, or ponytail.

Going Au Naturel

A lot of the above hairstyles are all derived from one unified trend that’s emerging today: embracing one’s natural locks. This year, people will be all about avoiding heat and chemicals and just letting their hair run its course—wild, free, and untamed.

Take inspiration from celebrities that have wholly embraced their natural curly locks, like Shakira and Beyonce. The trick is to use the right curl care products to keep those tresses in place and give them a healthy-looking shine.

Be Completely You

No matter the hairstyle, what’s more important is to choose one that brings out our self-confidence. Hairstyles come and go, but confidence in oneself is timeless!


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