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Julie Lynn Champnella

Julie Lynn Champnella was a Hollywood hair stylist and part-time actress most known for her wedding to Tom Arnold, a well-known actor. She is also known as  Julie Armstrong. Julie Armstrong (previously Julie Lynn Champnella) was brought into the world in Southgate, Michigan on November 30, 1973. Julie’s new surname comes from her remarriage to James Armstrong, a Hollywood stuntman and director. To be honest, I’m relieved she changed her last name because “Lynn Champnella” doesn’t exactly glide off for me. Julie was betrothed with Tom Arnold for four years before deciding to divorce due to their inability to make their marriage work. She married the well-known actor on July 22, 1995, and they divorced in 1999.

Julie Lynn Champnella Schooling

Julie’s schooling history is largely unknown. She was raised in Southgate, Michigan, thus it was only natural that she attended Eastern Michigan Institution, her home state’s university. Later, she studied in the California State University Northridge, a public university in the Los Angeles suburb of Northridge.

Julie Armstrong is most known for her efforts in Special Ed (2005), The Rotten Tomatoes Show (in 2009), and Carpool (2005) as a makeup artist and hairstylist (1996). She also appeared as a guest in the TV sitcom The Stupids (1996). She also featured as herself on Howard Stern TV show (as Julie Arnold herself).

Julie Lynn Champnella Net Worth

Mrs. Armstrong, if online reports are correct, enjoys a rather nice existence. The 47-year-old hairdresser makes roughly $400k each year and is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million! Julie, you’re not doing too shabby! Her monthly earnings would be around $30,000 if she worked full-time.

Despite contradicting allegations online, Julie Armstrong does not appear to have social media identities., an online rumor and blog site, reports she has 55k Instagram followers and 100k Facebook fans.

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