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4 Ways To Increase Employee Happiness & Productivity

There’s no denying that employees are the backbone of every business. However, there’s a thin line between employee productivity and satisfaction. As a business manager, it’s important to identify the relationship between productivity and satisfaction in order to retain talents and ensure better operational efficiency. Here are a few ways to help you increase employee happiness and productivity.

1. Invest in the right tools.

Employees need the right tools to ensure efficiency, and this applies to all levels of your organization, from top executives to bottom feeders. Investing in the right tools can also apply to different operational areas, from finance to physical security. For instance, you can provide your security department with effective video surveillance and access control systems to complement the work of on-site security personnel.

Luckily, there have been significant advancements and innovations in the security space for property managers to ramp up their security efforts. You can talk of access security solutions like Swiftlane, which helps property owners manage their assets remotely from a mobile app. Swiftlane provides cloud-driven touchless access control systems suitable for companies of all sizes. You can compare the company and other Swiftlane competitors to choose the best security provider for your company’s security needs.

2. Provide an enabling working environment.

Employees thrive in enabling workspaces. As a business owner, it’s essential to create a workplace that meets the needs of your office teams and their skills. Efficient workspaces have become a mainstay in today’s business world, especially for modern businesses that want to maintain their credibility as top talent recruiters. That means your business environment has to be inclusive, offering equal opportunities to women, the disabled, and other vulnerable groups.

Inviting greenery into your workspace can also be a great way to create an enabling work environment. But you’ll need the right plants and effective plant care accessories to ensure your plants bloom. It’s advisable to enlist local indoor plant delivery services rather than service providers from a long distance. Plants need adequate care, and the environment in which plant providers transport plants, especially in the early growth stages, can determine how they thrive. Therefore, it’s essential to assess the storage and delivery channels if you must buy a new plant from a long-distance plant provider.

Generally, plants maintain the right humidity levels in your workplace and ensure optimal airflow. Beyond plants’ aesthetics and ornamental benefits, studies reveal plants enhance moods and reduce susceptibility to depression and mental health disorders.

4 Ways To Increase Employee Happiness & Productivity

3. Encourage regular breaks.

Scheduling can be a great place for a business manager to look for productivity improvement strategies. However, overloading your workers can lead to breakdowns and more negative implications for your business in the long run. It’s essential to provide flexible schedules for your employees to take intermittent breaks when necessary.

Work breaks have become more crucial as businesses go remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects. According to the Guardian, staff in countries like the United Kingdom spend longer hours at their desk, increasing their working week by almost 25 percent. The research also revealed that working from home has caused employers to demand more outputs from their staff since the pandemic hit. Employees now have to take shorter lunch breaks, work through sicknesses, and blur the lines between work and leisure.

The increasing demand poses a significant risk for employees as two in five complained of suffering depression, anxiety, or exhaustion over the past year.

4. Create a career pathway.

Lack of career progression is one of the numerous reasons many employees cite for ditching their employers. Business owners can consider upskilling programs to ensure employees don’t stagnate in roles when they want to scale. That way, the company gets a more skilled workforce, and employees can also upgrade without hassle.

All in all, these tips can help you close the gap between employee productivity and happiness, increasing your business growth potential for the long haul.

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