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White Glove Logistics: A Great Career for Technically Minded People

If you are a techie who is looking for a rewarding and challenging career, you might want to cast your eye on the white glove logistics sector. Technical logistics is an integral industry that supports a wide range of sectors across the board, with manufacturer-approved technicians who transport, install and calibrate technical equipment.

Life-Long Learning

The white glove technician is always learning; attending workshops and seminars that enable them to work with specific equipment; without product certification, you would not be permitted to handle equipment like MRI and CT scanners. Typically, a technician would spend 30% of their working time learning about new products and a team would only work on specific types of equipment, such as;

  • ATM
  • Touch-screen devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Fitness equipment
  • Gaming equipment
  • Vending machines

The technical logistics company by the name of Rhenus High Tech are always looking for trainees and this leading company offers much to the right people.

Gaining Product Certification

This is the goal for all white glove technicians, as certification enables them to carry out their work and if you specialise in one type of product, you would attend workshops when new equipment becomes available. Look at things from the manufacturer’s perspective; are they going to allow a group of men with no specific knowledge to handle complex and highly technical equipment? The answer is no, of course and with very expensive equipment, skilled technicians are the only people who are permitted to handle such equipment. New models are coming out all the time and the white glove technicians top up their knowledge in order to obtain manufacturer approval.

Industries Supported

The technical logistics sector supports many industries, which include:

  • Banking & finance
  • Medical & healthcare
  • Fitness
  • Manufacturing
  • Hi-tech warehousing
  • Access control
  • IT & data
  • Vending & gaming

If you like a challenge and have a technical disposition, the perfect career in white glove logistics awaits and after a few years of supervision, you will qualify as a certified technician in the field of white glove logistics. There are a lot more sectors that use technical logistics and as new tech equipment emerges, it will also come under the umbrella of white glove logistics.

Rising to the Challenge

Imagine the level of difficulty involved with transporting and installing an MRI scanner on the 4th floor of a hospital. The team would first send someone to survey the location and work out a plan and prepare all the equipment needed to complete the project, all the while ensuring that deadlines are met and the equipment is ready for use. If you would like to learn about novel ways that you can make money online, click here.

Core Academic Skills

If you are looking to become a white glove technician, you will need to have good grades in math, physics and electronic engineering. If you consider yourself a bright student, you will do well in the field of technical logistics and over the years, you will acquire a lot of skill sets and indeed knowledge. Of course, you need to be IT competent as digital tech has a lot to do with the work, which can be very technical.

Digital Signage

The next generation of advertising boards are digital screens; numerous screens that are connected together to form a huge screen to project the ad messages to the people. The white glove team are responsible for the transportation, installation and maintenance of digital signage and these screens will soon become the norm and replace the old electronic billboards.

Access Control

Sports arenas and train stations use highly technical access control systems to allow paying customers to enter the facility and should there ever be any issues, the technical logistics team is called in to carry out prompt repairs.

Scope for Advancement

The white glove logistics sector is booming and getting in at the ground level now, should see you advance within the company. The more hands-on experience you have, the more challenges lay before you and if you apply yourself fully to your career, you will surely move up the ladder. Another important thing to consider is that technical logistics will always be in great demand, as we move into a new dimension of digital tech.

The UK government offers free resources to those who are looking for a career and the Internet hosts a wealth of information to help you make the right career choices. You could talk to your career counsellor if you are still at school, as they have the experience to guide you in the right direction. Another good idea is to compile an introductory letter to a leading white glove logistics company, complete with your CV and you might be lucky enough to be accepted as a trainee.


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