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What to Know About Moving to Humboldt, TN

Moving can be difficult, but when you find the right place in this big, big world, everything falls into place. For those searching for new surroundings, consider bypassing large metropolis style areas for more of a small town feel. Small towns allow you to slow down and catch your breath and living in one can often allow you to reconnect with family. Small towns come in all shapes and sizes, but more and more people are moving to Humboldt, TN for its unique and awe inspiring setting. Here are just some things you will want to know before making that big move to Humboldt, TN.

How Small is It?

Small can be a relative term, but Humboldt, TN is classified as a small to medium city. With a total population of 8,167, it is a place you can easily get to know your neighbor and invest in the local social scene without becoming overwhelmed. Humboldt TN boasts a median home value of just over $82,000, so it is remarkably affordable to live in this humble place.

Due to the affordable housing in Humboldt, TN, most residents choose to purchase a home rather than rent, but there are some rental properties available. The average rent hovers around $900 for a 2 bedroom. When moving to a new area, those that choose to rent a place or find their new accommodations a little lacking in storage often opt for a storage unit. Thankfully, storage units in Humboldt, TN are easy to find and affordable. While moving, a storage unit can be a very valuable commodity to assisting with organization of the new space or for storing seasonal items.

Like Old West Towns? Try Herbie Town.

History comes alive in many small towns through museums and specialty exhibits, but in Humboldt, TN Herbie Town is a unique attraction. Not only can you stay at the Wagon Wheel Hotel & Saloon, but you can tour authentic buildings from the wild west. A church, blacksmith shop, stable, and a variety of other period buildings have been replicated on the site to depict a true old west town. Visitors to the area claim the town is among the most authentic they have ever encountered and the small admission fee is well worth it to get enveloped in history. Herbie Town is open every day but Sunday.

Try the Winery

Although Tennessee may not be your first thought when you think of the best wine, it should be. The Crown Winery in Humboldt, TN offers exceptional wines with the classically robust flavor of Tennessee. The humble charm of the staff at this winery has people coming back again and again. You will surely become a regular at Crown Winery as they host regular, monthly events for the community. The vineyard, winery, and brewery offered on site allows you to taste a range of flavors paired beautifully with handcrafted dishes designed by high end chefs. You can spend an afternoon, evening, or entire weekend at this illustrious place.

Fun Zone

Children need entertainment and high quality entertainment is not always available in such a small town, but in Humboldt, TN, the little ones are allowed to jump into their little hearts are content. Fun Zone offers a wide range of jumpy houses, slides, and activities to keep your little one busy on days where they need to extinguish some energy. Fun Zone is open for everyday play or can be booked for special events such as birthday parties. The facility is over 13,000 square feet of fun and excitement for everyone. Arcade games and the variety of jumpy houses are a great way to spend rainy days with the kids. This affordable establishment offers something for everyone.

3 Rivers Mini Golf

Fun Zone may have all the jumpy houses and fun for the little kids, but if you have older children or are simply looking for a date night option for you and your significant other, look no further than 3 Rivers Mini Golf. 3 Rivers Mini Golf offers 18 holes of fun and exciting putt putt golf for the entire family complete with fun and exciting obstacles and a waterfall. This attraction is open Wednesday to Sunday and offers the chance to break out of the ordinary and have some good, old fashioned fun. Concessions are sold on site, so bring a little extra money for some treats.

The Kandy Bank

No matter who you are, a little sugar can always make you smile and in Humboldt, TN, you will find more than just a little sugar at the Kandy Bank. This establishment features new and old fashioned candy of every type imaginable. Located directly on Main St. in Humboldt, TN, the Kandy Bank is the place to go for a treat. This place not only offers an exceptional variety of sweets, but is an ice cream parlor as well. The Kandy Bank boasts the distinction of being the only vintage candy store in east Tennessee, so it is easy to see why this place is so popular with locals and visitors to the area.

Transportation in Humboldt, TN

Transportation is important no matter where you live and finding a way to get around is essential for your wellbeing. In Humboldt, TN, you will not find endless busses and rail lines as in a large city, but what you will find is a very walkable city and ample affordable personal vehicles. Most people have their own personal vehicles and those that do not, tend to live close enough to the center of Humboldt, TN to walk or bike. Another alternative for long distance travel is the West Tennessee Railroad. Humboldt, TN is situated directly on the CSX rail line that runs to a variety of surrounding locations.

Humboldt, TN is an illustrious small town with a lot to offer families, young professionals, and anyone moving into the area. Residents claim it is a calm, serene environment where you can enjoy time with family and friends. If you are intent on moving to a new place, consider Humboldt, TN. You’ll love it here.

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