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Reasons why you might need private investigator services

Private investigators are professionals who collect information and evidence, often on behalf of private clients. This is a highly nuanced and sensitive service, and can involve a significant deal of risk as well. This type of work can also be stressful because there’s always potential danger involved.

There can be a wide range of reasons why an individual or business may need to hire a private investigator. These include:

To follow someone

There can be several reasons you want to follow someone. You may believe that a person is cheating on their spouse/partner, or that a business partner is acting against you behind your back. You may even suspect an employee of selling confidential insider information to your rivals.

Regardless of the reasons, it is important to hire a professional to follow someone. It requires a great deal of discretion and planning, and at times, you may even need to listen in on or record conversations. PIs are experts at such things, and will get you the information you are seeking in a short period of time.

To gather evidence of infidelity

If you’re concerned that your partner is cheating on you, then the evidence can be used in a divorce to prove infidelity and get a better settlement. It can also be used in criminal cases and custody disputes as proof that your spouse or partner is abusive.

In addition, if you suspect someone else is cheating on their significant other, hiring an investigator will help you collect evidence that you can then use to expose them.

To see if they’re telling the truth

If you suspect someone of lying, it may be time to hire a private investigator. For example, if you suspect that your friend is stealing from the office and you want proof before going to management, a PI can help find out what’s really going on.

A private investigator can also be helpful if you suspect someone of doing something illegal or dangerous. If you have reason to believe your neighbour is involved in human trafficking, drug dealing, sex crimes, etc., you can hire a PI to investigate them thoroughly before going to the authorities with proof.

Finding missing persons

If you have a child, you probably understand how difficult it is to keep them out of trouble. You may also be aware that they are easy targets for kidnappers who may use them to extort you for money, or sell them off to human traffickers.

When a child goes missing, you must report it to the relevant authorities, but you must also understand that your case may not be immediately prioritised by the officers, meaning they may not devote all their time to your case.

However, when you go to a PI agency, you can hire a professional investigator who will focus all their time and resources on resolving your case. They will tap into their vast network of contacts, and leave no stone unturned in the search for the missing child. Thus, you have a higher chance of achieving a successful outcome.

Witness statement

PIs are abundantly useful in verifying the involvement of suspects and can help their client build a solid case supported with evidence in the form of witnesses.

PIs are thorough with their jobs and will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth. Investigators help take witness statements in the form of written, audio or video, to corroborate the client’s accusations. They may also support clients by giving skip trial services, to probe into a witness skipping the trial for reasons such as threats and indebtedness.


Remember that you should never try to undertake any of the work mentioned in this article alone. It is vital to hire a professional for all of your private investigation needs.

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