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Want to Unlock Your PDF? GogoPDF Can Help With That!

Putting security measures on our files is a good thing to do. It assures you that no matter what happens to your phone or computer, your files are safe from being used by unauthorized individuals. It helps you be worry-free that even if anyone would wander inside your computer, they still can’t open your most valuable files. Especially if you’re someone very private with their work, you’ll be sure that no matter how invasive your siblings are with your stuff, they can’t still read that romantic-comedy novel that you’ve been working on, no matter how they try. But there will be a day when you find it inconvenient to keep putting your password and find that it’s time to remove that password requirement and set your files free. But the problem is, as much as you want to remove it, you seem to have no idea how to. Don’t worry, we got your back!

Unlock Your PDF with GogoPDF

Since you decided it’s time to freely share your work, and you feel that it needs to see the sunlight and feedback of other people, we recommend one reliable website to help you unlock your PDF and that’s GogoPDF! Simply go to GogoPDF website and choose the unlock PDF tool and you will see these simple steps:

1. Click “Choose Files” or Drag & Drop to upload your file.

2. Enter the password.

3. Click on “Unlock PDF”.

4. We will decrypt your file and it will be ready for download.

After that, your file will be accessible to anyone you want to share it with. Don’t worry, GogoPDF doesn’t hack into password-protected PDF files. They only unlock PDF files whose owners have become tired of having to put the password every time they need to access it- probably like you. GogoPDF’s unlock PDF tool isn’t a breaking scheme, but rather a liberation of the chains from password encryption applied by the owner.

But now that you are ready to let everyone see what you have been working on, we like to share the GogoPDF’s tools that you can use to your benefit in improving your PDF files:

Do More With Your PDF With GogoPDF!

1.   Convert File “To and From” PDF

Whether it be in our work, personal life, or our children’s online classes, we will find ourselves needing to share soft copy files of some type. But before sharing your files, it is advisable to convert them to a reliable format- PDF. The PDF is widely used because it makes sure that once you send your copy of your file to others, they can view it the same way you will. If you send Excel reports, Word documents, or PowerPoint presentations without converting them first to a PDF format, chances are they will be rumbled and jumbled when other people open them on their computers or devices. That’s why GogoPDF offers tools to convert Excel, PPT, Word, HTML, JPG formats to a PDF file. On the other hand, there will also be times that you need to convert a PDF file into the other way around. Being able to convert PDFs into their raw format allows you to easily edit the contents or make necessary changes to your file before it is converted to a PDF. GogoPDF knows how to maintain the quality of your files in every conversion, so it’s safe to say you won’t be worried if it gets damaged in the process.

2.   Organize Your PDF Files

Everyone wants their work to be organized, right? And PDFs are no exemption. You wouldn’t want to look at a PDF file and have to scratch your head because the pages are out of order. That’s why GogoPDF provides an easy method to straighten up and manage the arrangement and ensemble of your PDF files. If you have PDF files that you need to partition into a separate file, then you can use the split tool to help you categorize the pages into another PDF file accordingly.

But what if you want to take away some pages that seem just bothersome and unimportant to your file? You can easily exclude these pages from your file with the use of the delete tool. Or if you have PDF files that you want to combine, so you can send your file at one time, then you can merge your PDF file pages with another using GogoPDF merge tool.

3.   Optimize PDF Documents

Most PDF files will be easy to download, and share, especially PDFs that only contain text and words. But PDF files that contain multimedia elements like images, charts, and graphics can be heavy to upload or would take a while for others to save. If you want to make sure that your files will be easy to share, use GogoPDF’s compress tool to make your file lighter. Compressing your PDF will also save you some space in your storage since it makes your file more compact. PDF files can also turn out damaged when in the middle of processing them the application you are using crashes. But you don’t have to lose hope just yet, since GogoPDF has the tool to repair the damage done, with its repair PDF page too.

4.   View and Edit Your PDF Files

Editing your files can be a hassle, especially if the software you’re using is tricky. If you want to maneuver easily and smoothly with your editing work, use GogoPDF instead. GogoPDF provides user-friendly processes to make the work easy. Do you want to rotate those PDF pages that make your neck hurt because they are positioned the wrong way? Rotate PDF pages are the tool for that! Do you see minor errors in your file? Edit them away with GogoPDF’s editing tool. Maybe you want to add pages, watermarks, and e-signatures to make your file more presentable. You can put these elements with no fuss, with GogoPDF.

5.   Secure Your PDF Documents

GogoPDF knows how important files are. So, for optimum security, you can also put password requirements to the files that you know are confidential. To assure its users that their privacy is protected, GogoPDF automatically deletes files uploaded on their server after one hour of being processed. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of your files, because GogoPDF puts their users’ security as one of their top priorities.

In Conclusion

So whether it’s a file in your work that you want to unlock or an embarrassing homework assignment that you don’t want your parents to see, GogoPDF is the GogoPDF expert to rely on. GogoPDF does the heavy weight lifting work when it comes to software files and removes the stress of having to figure it out on your own. Now that you know what you can do with your PDF files with the help of GogoPDF, don’t forget to share the news! Because having the best tools in hand always goes a long way.

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