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The Split Season 2: Release Date, Cast, New Season/Cancelled?

If you like watching television series of legal drama, then better watch The Split, as it will keep you engaged with a gripping storyline. It started streaming three years ago on 24th April in the United Kingdom comprising six parts.

The credit of the creation and writing of this legal drama goes to Abi Morgan. The story revolves around a family who is all into the profession of law (divorce) for the family company. 

But among them, there is Hannah, the eldest among her siblings who are associated with the competitor family company. 

The series includes a talented star cast including Stephen Mangan, Barry Atsma, and many more. The first series production of The Split started in London, before its initial streaming in 2018 July. 

In the year (2017) came an announcement regarding the partnership of Sundance TV with the British Broadcasting Channel for the production of a law drama series. Hence, it (Sundance TV) gained the rights for the series broadcast in America. The release of season 1 began in 2018 on 4th June. 

Then the task of series 2 of The Split season came into being in 2018 in May. The production of this family drama series started the following year in March. It showed the comeback of the Defoe law family getting associated with Noble Hale Defoe, a newbie law company. 

In the second series came the joining of actors including Donna Air, Damien Molony with their given characters. The initial streaming of the first episode of the second season happened in the United Kingdom on British Broadcasting One in the last year (2020) in February. 

For those who have missed the previous first season of The Split, better watch it on IMDb. Since its beginning, it has gripped the interest of most viewers, who just cannot hold on to wait for the second season. 

Let us know more about The Split Season 2 in this article.

Show Details 

TV Series:The Split
Created by:Abi Morgan
Star cast:Stephen Mangan, Nicola Walker, Barry Atsma & others
Place Of Origin:United Kingdom
Directed by:Jessica Hobbs
Original language:English
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:12


Story plot 

The commissioning of The Split season 2 happened in 2018 May. The production began last year in March. As mentioned above, it showcased the comeback of the Defoe family integrated into Noble Hale Defoe, the new law firm. 

The storyline of the second season runs on the track of Defoe siblings and mother Ruth. After the finalization of the previous season, it showed the revelation of Nathan’s affair. Joy became the father at the wedding of Rose and James. This became a moment of joy for the Defoe family.

Hannah was very transparent about the feelings of Christie, at the time when she lost her father for the second time. She finds it difficult for her to balance out between her promise and memories of her past. 

Star Cast Of The Split

There has been much craze for the law drama series The Split. With the very first season, it has made a huge fanbase. 

Nicola Walker

Nicola plays the character of Hannah in the law drama series The Split. Born in 1970 in May, she has established herself as an actress. There are many TV programs in the UK where you can see her appearances beginning from the 90s decade. 

Some of them include Spooks and Unforgotten. Nicole has experience in films, radio, and even theatre. She is even the recipient of a prestigious award for supporting roles for a play and Last Tango, a British Broadcasting drama. 

Barry Atsma

Barry plays the role of Christie, the ex-boyfriend of Hannah in The Split. He is a professional actor from the Netherlands. Other than the latter law drama, Barry has also appeared in Rozengeur & Wodka Lime

This television series streamed for four years. He is an award-winning actor who is also known for his acting prowess in Hector, a British film that came seven years ago. One of the other movies he is known for is the film Search for Happiness

Meera Syal

Meera plays the role of Goldie, spouse of Davy and secretary of his company. Even though her name sounds Indian, she is a popular Asian face in British cinema. Meera is a well-known multi-skilled personality who does varied roles apart from showing her acting talent. 

She has also expertise in playwrights, humor, journalism, and is a producer. Besides this, Meera is also into singing and writing. She is known for her roles in The Kumars at No. 42.

Stephen Mangan

Stephen plays one of the mainstream roles in The Split. He plays the character of Nathan, a barrister, and spouse of Hannah. Stephen was born during the 1960s in May. The profession of acting is not the only field he is known for. He is also into writing, doing comedy, and is also a presenter. Stephen has appeared in television series including Green Wing, Watership Down, and Bliss

Release Date Of The Split Season 2

So far the premiere of the initial episode of The Split-second season has appeared in the last year (2020) in February on the BBC network in England, and in the United States in May. Overall, the airing of more episodes of this law drama began from February till March. So do have a leisure time watching all the episodes of The Split.

Rating Of The Show

Often viewers first check the ratings of a particular show to get convinced in watching the show. Coming up to The Split, this law drama series has a good ranking on IMDb, showing its growing liking and demand among the viewers. 

Where To Watch Streaming of The Split Season 2?

To watch the second season of The Split, go to the Sundance Now network. Other than that, you can also refer to Hulu and the other two networks. 

Any Update Of Season 3?

As of now, there is no confirmation of the season 3 release, but it is much of sure that BBC will be coming up with the new follow-up season noticing the huge curiosity of viewers for The Split series. So let us wait till then.

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