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7 Items You Need to Easily Achieve Sporty Yet Elegant Look

The sporty look is a casual street fashion style that combines city-chic and sporty elements together into one outfit. That strange combo of pieces makes looks that are modern, comfortable, and effortlessly trendy.

A baseball cap and Nike look trendy on Kendal Jenner while out shopping in LA. Nonetheless, if you try the same look yourself, you run the risk of looking frumpy, sloppy, or as if you are getting all the style inspo from a sideline filled with soccer moms.

That does not suggest you need to give the sporty-chic visual to the popular celebs. Here are some tips on how to nail the sporty look and take advantage of this trendy, versatile, and comfortable style.


Leggings are comfortable and trendy and enable sufficient unrestricted mobility. In short, they are the perfect supplement to any sporty chic look. You could pair easy black leggings with nearly anything from a sports jersey to a sweatshirt and end up with a style that looks put-together and stylish.

Plain black leggings are good go-to options. If you wish to add an aesthetic finish to your look, you can go for workout leggings and cropped leggings with mesh panels or other detailing.


Rock a cropped jersey along with athleisure leggings or high-waisted mom jeans for a casual, trendy finish. You can also wear an oversized jersey on its own and mix it with classic low-top sneakers to make a flirty and bold look.

Sport sunglasses

This list won’t be complete without a pair of sports sunglasses. While small sunglasses had a moment last season, trendy sport sunglasses 2022 are all the rage and the new go-to.

You never have to stop to adjust your frames and can easily transition from an outdoor workout to an outdoor brunch table without skipping a beat.

Baseball cap

Baseball caps are considered the pinnacle of the sporty-chic fashion. Despite its masculine design, it’s no doubt that women can look sexy with a baseball cap balanced on their small heads.

Do you have shorter hair? You can leave that down and straighten it for a polished and sleek look. Also, you can tie up your long hair in a smooth, high ponytail. Don’t forget to thread it through the back of your cap for that classic finish.

Go-to tee

Each woman who loves to rock a sporty chic look should have at least 1 or 10 go-to tees in her closet. You see, basic tees in neutral shades of gray, black, or white complement nearly any sporty chic look you could put together.

You can combine a pair of loose, cropped t-shirts with high-waisted joggers or leggings with high-top sneakers for that classic athleisure look. You can also get more in tune with the chic side by wearing leggings or a tight V-neck tee with low-tops and a leather jacket.

Sport sneakers

Sneakers are an essential element in all sporty chic looks. Those shoes can finish the athletic vibe and add a fashionable finish to them. You cannot go wrong with wearing plain white sneakers.

They nearly match everything and offer your sporty look that classic finish. You can look into other styles and colors if you wish to branch out. Make sure you stay away from obvious running shoes unless you plan on fitting in a cardio workout.


When the temperature gets cold, you can add a sweatshirt to keep warm in your sporty outfit. A sweatshirt can add to your outfit’s sexiness, especially when worn right, rather than making you look like a shapeless blob.

What’s more, you can rock a form-fitting zip-up hoodie with classic sneakers and joggers for a streamlined look. Or combine a loose, cropped sweatshirt along with skin-tight leggings to remain cozy while still highlighting your figure.

Use the tips in this guide to build your sporty wardrobe today!

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