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The Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Your Office Building

Managing a commercial, residential, or office building? Here are a few tips and tricks to maintain the quality of the building, and ensure that the building facilities are functioning properly. Our list of do’s and don’ts in maintaining your commercial building will give you the basics of upkeep your building – inside and out!

Take a look at these do’s and don’ts and check whether they apply to you. Your building is considered an asset, and you should be doing everything to protect and maintain it. That being said, buildings also have to comply with a number of regulations in terms of safety, stability, and health so maintenance ensures you comply with these standards.

DO Get Office Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services are the way to go when cleaning the interior and exterior of your building. There are building cleaning services catered to commercial offices, which offer cleaning for different rooms, floors, and areas of the building proper. This is especially important for buildings that experience high foot traffic daily, such as gyms, malls, and open offices.

Without cleaning services, it may be difficult to tackle the maintenance tasks yourself, especially for high-rise buildings with multiple floors. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company in Houston to handle it not only makes cleaning hassle-free for you, but the experienced cleaners will get your building completely clean across all floors!

DO Have the Building Inspected Annually

Have the building fully inspected at least once a year. Inspection will find the weak points you will need to renovate, any potential for damages, and early signs of pest infestation. From the results of the inspection, you can move ahead to what needs to be fixed or restructured to keep the building in good working order for longer.

Depending on your location, some cities may require you to have an annual inspection twice a year, and you will need to schedule inspections with an official to check your fire exits, fire extinguishers, security system, air quality, water quality, and more. Check with your local government for the routine inspections required for your commercial building.

DO Renovate with an Experienced Contractor

Any weak points and renovation that need to be done should be tackled immediately, and with the best commercial general contractors in your area. While it may be tempting to save a couple of bucks by hiring a cheaper contractor, you would be unsure of the quality of work and materials you get.

On the other hand, just because a contractor charges high for their work, does not mean that they are the premium option. Instead, look for a contractor that has good reviews, as well as ample experience in their field so you can be assured that they are doing the renovations the right way.

DON’T Skimp on Building Materials

Similarly, do not skimp on building materials. The building is part of your assets, and skimping for cheaper but lower quality materials would lower the value of your building. Lower quality materials also tend to break down easier, so you would just end up spending more and more for renovations over the course of the years.

Aside from investing in high-quality materials, you should also prioritize worker safety during the entire construction or renovation process. Make sure the appropriate safety signs and procedures have been set in place and meet regulatory requirements.  For safety signs, find it at this site. And before starting on any of the jobs, conduct thorough briefing and safety training for all workers. They must also wear complete personal protective gear, like helmets, safety goggles, and vests, before being allowed on site. Investing in equipment like heavy-duty welding curtains is crucial too, as they protect workers from burns, UV rays, and ear damage.

Building safety regulations also require building owners to ensure the stability of their building, and to ensure that the building would not be a risk to public safety if it is an open commercial building. Using good quality materials helps to reinforce your building, making it stronger over time. Never skimp on building materials, even during renovations!

DON’T Use Reflective Windows

Using reflective materials on windows provide privacy for the people who live or work in the building, but they can be a menace to wildlife, especially if you live in a particularly forested area. Birds would often hit windows, leaving them stunned and vulnerable to predators. The impact may also kill birds who mistaken the reflection as an extension of the sky.

The impact also damages your windows, so go for black-out, or non-reflective windows instead. Not only will you experience less bumps in your windows, they are also better for wildlife. You won’t have to worry about a large bird crashing through your expensive wall-to-ceiling windows!

DON’T DIY Cleaning and Renovations

Finally, do not tackle the cleaning and renovations yourself, especially if you do not have the skills, experience, or license to do so. A commercial or residential building is completely different from your one or two-storey home, and going DIY is likely not applicable in this case. You will not be able to properly clean the entire building since you don’t have the right equipment in order to do so, and neither will you be able to reinforce the structure, as you don’t have the skills necessary. If you’re truly against the added cost of hiring recurring cleaning services, you could click here and invest in professional grade cleaning devices which can effectively clean, such equipment can provide the cleaning abilities of a professional clean, which can help you to save on the costs of hiring a third party. This can bridge the gap between the equipment professionals have and what you can manage to do. When it comes to the renovations however, this is something you should definitely not try yourself, structural integrity and other factors are at risk if you attempt this.

Go for professional services instead and use post construction cleaning in Hamilton, ON or somewhere local to you to ensure the job is done thoroughly. They may seem costly at the start, but they are investments that will protect, clean, and maintain your building for years to come. Upkeeping your building is the way to maintain its value.

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