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Must Have Software for Indian Language Typing on Your PC

With the advancement in technology, now it has become possible and easy as well to work on a PC in the Indian languages. Unarguably, previously there were no applications that could run on Windows based PCs appropriately for flawless typing. But, the invention of useful applications has now made it effortless for writers to type in their local languages on their laptops and desktops. There are a number of applications available online, but only a few are considered the best tools to serve the need for typing in languages other than English purposefully.

ISM Malayalam

In the list of functional Indian language softwares, ISM is at top position. There is no doubt to proclaim that it is the highly demanded tool when it comes to typing in the Malayalam language on Ms-word. It is a widely spoken lingo and one among the 22 scheduled Indian idioms. If you have difficulty working in Malayalam by using your windows system, then it will come to an end when you download this application.

ISM Malayalam is an officially documented tool by the Indian supreme authorities, so it is a safe and legal app to use. The mesmerizing thing about this application is that it is absolutely free to use. So, you do not need to survive under the English language dominance since; it can give you freedom to express your thinking into local idioms effortlessly. This tool is readily available to work on windows 7, 10, XP, and Vista.


The Bhasha software application is also helpful to work with Microsoft windows. It enables you to enter the text quickly in the windows featuring typing platforms like Ms-word, Ms-excel, and notepad etc. It allows you to type in a bunch of Indian idioms such as Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Oriya. It consists of the feature of translation and also offers a visual keyboard. It enables editing of words in the local language that have not been translated well from English into desired typing. It comes in different mechanisms that are relevant to specific windows versions, so in order to use it you have to choose the applicable type.

India typing

You must include this application in your hotlist if you want to type in Hindi on your PC. Hindi is the most common language that is also convenient to use, so switching from English to Hindi text is rising popularly. Using this software will enable you to write Hindi from your normal English keyboard as it can convert your text in local lingo instantly. You can also get access to its auto-completion feature that will complete the typing process automatically for the words that remains incomplete during translation. Download this application for your windows PC to get the precise typing in the nation-wide used lingo.

Aasaan typing tutor

Using this application on your windows based PC can provide you with twofold benefit. You can run it to write from English to Hindi and can also learn to type in your local language. As the name suggests, it is like a typing tutoring app since it enables you to write words through the touch screen on windows. In a short run, you can learn basic typing in Hindi with this tool, and can also learn advanced format as per your own learning ability and skills. You can use this app for free of charge.

Amar Bangla

If you are fond of the sweet Bangla language and have passion to learn this idiom, then you must acquire this software. It is the most vibrant example of the latest software to work in the regional language. It has been specially designed and programmed to write in Bengali text and is relevant to use for all Windows versions. The typing through this app is flawless and easy as it uses only vowels (swarabarnas) and consonants (banjonbarnos).

Amar Bangla software offers 39 fonts to write into Bangla lingo and the Bengali alphabets are phonetically translated. So, you can run this app on your laptop or desktop conveniently and can write in Bangla without any error. The captivating features of this application is that it requires very less space to get downloaded on the PC, and has an inherent anti-virus system to prevent bugs and malfunctioning.

Sonma typing expert

You must have this software downloaded into your personal computer if you are looking forward to improving your typing speed in Hindi and English as well. In India, most of the competitive exams are based in the Hindi language, so it could be a great tool for you to get hands-on practice to increase typing in the national language. It is a compatible app for Windows 10 and other versions as well, so installing and running it is not a daunting chore. It is available free to download on the official website so go ahead to check this app today. This software can also be applied to games like Jeet11 and more.

To conclude, writing text in regional languages of India is not a daunting task now, as you can download any of the above-mentioned applications into your PC. All these softwares are usually free-to-use and come with affordable monthly or annual subscription to get convenient, fast, and accurate writing experience.




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