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Must-Have Office Building Amenities

When you manage an office building, amenities are a crucial element of your role. Of course, this includes maintaining the space, arranging for necessary repairs and upkeep, and addressing any tenant issues that may occur. However, it’s also important to begin with the most important mission of all: ensuring you have the best possible amenities—and all those necessary amenities, in the first place—to ensure your office building has everything it needs to welcome tenants, their employees, and all their most essential needs.

Ample Storage

When you set up your office space, it’s especially important to ensure your tenants have all the space they need to store crucial supplies. Consider what storage-focused amenities you’ll be offering, versus whatever they’ll have to provide on their own. Let’s say, for example, that you rent space in your office building to an accounting firm. Tax supplies are a crucial element of their professional image well beyond tax season. Do you have adequate space for them to allocate a tax folder drawer, piles of envelopes, and the other essentials they’ll need for a professional presentation that leaves a lasting impression on their clientele? You can follow this same basic template to prepare your storage space for any other sorts of tenants you might welcome into this space.

Suitable Security

Office Building Amenities

There is one absolutely crucial amenity for all office buildings: security. You want anyone in your office space to feel confident in their safety within your building. Do your research to find the best fit. For instance, maybe you’ll come across a Swiftlane review that encourages you to try Swiftlane smart access technology in your office building. With this, you and your tenants will know that the space is secure and will welcome their company in a safe way. As a building manager, you want to inspire this sort of confidence in your renters, and this smart end-to-end technology is just what you need to do so.

Adequate Facilities

Adequate Facilities

Unsurprisingly, your space must have the most important facilities, like bathrooms, conference spaces, and more. However, it’s also important to acknowledge those facilities that are not necessarily critical but nevertheless appeal to tenants. The modern workplace, especially in the wake of a wave of remote work, calls for tempting perks that may not be mandated but will draw business owners and representatives to your space. When you include on-site childcare, fitness centers, or coffee shops in your space, you’ll entice potential renters with ease.

Satisfactory Technology

Satisfactory Technology

Much like the other facilities and amenities you might include in your office building, it’s important to offer top-notch technology to appeal to your tenants or prospective renters. This includes necessities like those smart security technologies and, just as importantly, necessitates essentials like speedy Wi-Fi or other internet services. Of course, there are some technologies that they’ll more often provide themselves, such as their computers and other devices. However, depending on your arrangement, you may even include technology like this, on some level, as another way to encourage prospects to choose your building for their office space.

For building managers, the amenities within an office space must be a top priority. From storage for folders, important documents, and other office supplies to security that lets your renters move in with confidence, you’ll be ready to welcome businesses of all kinds into your office park when you have the proper facilities. In fact, it’s these same sorts of amenities that may encourage them to choose your space in the first place, knowing that your perks, so to speak, are superior to those they would encounter elsewhere. Alongside being a great building owner more generally, these details will facilitate a great relationship between you and the companies you lease space to.

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