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MrBeast Total Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Jimmy Donaldson is the man behind MrBeast. His YouTube name is as big as he is right now with a net worth of $16 million. He’s known for his YouTube stunts of giving away large amounts of money to friends or charity.

MrBeast is considered the pioneer of the philanthropic stunts happening on YouTube. Over the years, he keeps growing his fans and followers over YouTube and becomes one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world.

He has earned in many ways including his YouTube channel itself, merchandise sales, and sponsorships for brands like Microsoft and Electric Arts.

This inspiring young man has touched thousands of lives using his platform. Where did he come from? What are his gimmicks? Learn more below.

Personal Details

Full Name: Jimmy Donaldson

Age: 23 years old

Date of Birth: May 7, 1998

Gender: Male

Profession: YouTuber, businessman, and philanthropist

Nationality: American

Early Life and Career

Jimmy Donaldson is his real name. Jimmy was born on May 7, 1998, in the country seat in one of the most populous cities – Greenville, North Carolina. He attended Greenville Christina Academy in 2016.

His story is like those of popular stories about dropout people who still became successful in life. He started making YouTube content when he was 12 years old. He named it “MrBeast6000”.

Jimmy attended college for a short period. He didn’t make it like among teens wearing togas and graduation caps. When he dropped out of college, he continued his career on YouTube being an influencer.

His early YouTube videos were primarily about video game commentaries, reaction videos, and funny compilations.

YouTube Career Success

It was a breakthrough in his career. Jimmy released a video of him counting up to 100,000. Who would do something like that? He indicated on his video that he’s doing it because he was bored. And in the video, he had his best friend’s poster as his background.

After that video, he gained enormous popularity on YouTube. He spent the day counting up to 100,000. And, it already has over 22 million views.

But, he didn’t stop there. He made another video where he counted up to 200,000. Other accomplishments he had were reading the dictionary, reading the “Bee Movie” script, Ubering across America, saying “Logan Paul” 100,000 times.

Jimmy currently has 90 million combined subscribers across his YouTube accounts and has 10 billion views already. His average videos have 20 million views. About his social media accounts, his Twitter has 9 million followers and his TikTok has 13 million followers.

This young content creator is associated with PewDiePie – a Swedish YouTuber and comedian. Jimmy purchased billboards and radio advertisements because he wanted to help him get more subscribers.

Jimmy also received and has been nominated for several awards. He was nominated for Vlogger of the Year in the 2019 Shorty Awards. Also, he was nominated for the 2020 Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Male Social Star.

Jimmy won the Breakout Creator award and the 2020 YouTuber of the Year award. He also was the 2020 Creator of the Year at the Streamy Awards. This is how amazing Jimmy’s career has been so far

In July 2020, MrBeast did not stop growing his subscribers. He has gained 400,000 new subscribers with more than 80 million video views. It made him the 20th most popular personality on YouTube at that time.

Stunt Philanthropy

In 2018, Jimmy began the practice of “stunt philanthropy” – someone popular giving out charity in most engaging ways. In one of his popular videos, he gave $1,000 to strangers. Millions of his fans who saw about the giveaway subscribed to his channels soon after.

He posted a video of a challenge. It was a very fun challenge making people stack their hands on $1 million cash. The last person to remove their hands from the stack will be going home and keeping the money with them.

Mobile Game

MrBeast’s business-mindedness got him launching a multiplayer endurance game. It was called “Finger on the App”. He launched this app in June 2020. The game’s concept was simple. Users from across the world had just to keep a finger on their phone screen in the app. The last person to take off his finger wins $25,000.

MrBeast Burger

In the same year, Jimmy launched the “Beast Burger”. He didn’t do it alone. But instead, he partnered with over 300 restaurants around the U.S.

After he released the MrBeast Burger app on the Apple store, it garnered the #1 most popular free app on the platform. From then until now, he has sold over a million burgers.


This successful man’s life isn’t complete if he has not given any donations to various charities. He has raised tens of million dollars from his stunt videos. It helped him donate items to the homeless.

He donated to the Veterans Army Wounded Warrior Program, Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and local animal shelters in Los Angeles. In December 2018, he donated $100,000 worth of clothing and other items to these homeless shelters.

In 2019, his goodness didn’t stop. He partnered with NASA engineer and YouTuber Mark Rober. They created a foundation called #TeamTrees. Their goal was to raise over $20 million in the next three months for the benefit of the Arbor Day Foundation.

Their action plan was to plant a tree for every dollar raised. Many YouTubers joined together as one to promote the cause. In just 24 hours, the launching team, #TeamTrees was able to raise $4 million. And by December, it grew up to $20 million.

MrBeast Total Net Worth

Jimmy Donaldson, or MrBeast, has a very big heart. His contents do not stop from the weird ones counting up to hundreds of thousands. But look at him grow his career and give away help to the homeless, the needy, and the less fortunate.

His net worth is $16 million as young as he is right now. What he has given away to help others is much more than his net worth. That’s the kind of nobleman MrBeast is.

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