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Modest Eyewear Options For Women

As a great accessory, eyewear can impart a totally new life to the entire outfit. For example, cat-eye specs can create a dramatic look while ordinary oval glasses accentuate your personality and work for a classic style. Although, if you want to look modest but eye-catching at the same time, here are the types of eyewear that you can get. Keep in mind – it’s best to pay attention to shapes, and this is exactly what we’re going to help you with. Let’s do this!

Try Oval Eyeglasses

This shape is perfect for most face types because it balances out angular features and defines your advantages. For starters, try getting oval specs with transparent lenses and thin frames if you want to achieve a modest look. They are universal which makes them suitable for almost anything – from a maxi dress to a midi jeans skirt with a sweater. Also, if you’re just starting to expand your accessory box, it’s better to start with basic colors, such as white, beige, and black. This is due to the fact that they interact with as many clothing sets as possible. Once you get the basis of the accessory items, you can go further and experiment with other shapes and colors.

Pick Butterfly Spectacles

Another alluring option that designers can offer is getting Butterfly-shaped sunglasses. They will guarantee a simple low-key appearance that comes with elegance and emphasizes the great taste that you have. Have you ever seen how dashing but modest together Audrey Hepburn looked wearing such glasses? Say no more! The upscale sunglass model Be Cute Line Sun from Sabine Be will complement your outfit adding promised elegance and charm. Having a butterfly shape and a wide range of available colors, it will become an essential part of your outfit that takes everyone’s breath away.

Select Rectangle-Shaped Eyewear

This shape is wonderfully suitable for women with a round face type because it adds sharpness and edges individual features. It gives the needed contour and deals with an optical lengthening. Rectangle glasses are perfect for most occasions, including daily use as well. If you’re a daily wearer, transparent ones are great, but if this is a style-related goal that you pursue, then you can also stick to tinted sunglasses of a rectangle shape. To create an effect of a modest look, it’s great to pay attention to darker shades, such as brown or black. Although, you’re always welcome to follow your own ideas on how they match your outfit.

Express yourself. We are positive that eyewear is the best accessory that humankind invented, especially when it comes to complementing an outfit. In just one moment, you can turn the whole look around by adding elegance, glamour, urbanity, or simple modesty with a dashing note in our case. We believe that glasses are an amazing way to express yourself and, at the same time, help to sharpen your vision, serve other practical purposes or complete your looks in terms of fashion. Expand your accessory box and demonstrate the level of your dressing-up abilities.

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