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Is PEMF Safe For Heart Patients

Have you been suffering from heart problems lately, and it’s driving you crazy? Well, you’re not alone! Heart problems are one of the most prevalent issues that people all over the world are facing. In fact, it’s the leading cause of death among both men and women in the US. With that said, it’s pretty normal for people to feel anxious and worried when they’re diagnosed with heart diseases or when they experience symptoms related to heart health. But, like everything else in the world, heart diseases also come with a solution! And we’re going to be talking about one such solution here: PEMF Therapy!

PEMF therapy is making rounds all over the world due to its unique working mechanism and absolutely hazard-free treatment! And things are no different for heart issues: heart patients are now using pemf therapy to treat themselves while ditching traditional treatment options like medicines etc.

So, let’s answer the question that many potential users of pemf therapy have: Is pemf therapy safe for heart patients?

The answer is 100% Yes! It’s absolutely safe for heart patients. In fact, it’s not only safe but beneficial, and doctors have now started recommending pemf therapy to treat heart issues!

Heart Diseases And PEMF

To fully understand how PEMF therapy can help prevent/treat heart diseases, let’s at Healthyline Outlet first start off by giving a brief account on heart diseases in general, and then go on to explain how PEMF therapy works in general, and then finally connect how pemf can be used by heart patients!

How Heart Diseases Develop

According to research conducted by the centers for disease control and prevention, approximately 610,000 people suffering from heart conditions in the United States end up dying every year, which makes up 25% of deaths in the US annually. It’s also a major cause of discomfort, disability, and stress among people.

Before discussing the prevention and treatment of heart diseases through PEMF, it’s crucial to discuss the risk factors which lead to them! Following are the factors that lead to heart diseases:

  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Age
  • Physical inactivity
  • Excessive drinking habits
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol

Understanding the aforementioned risk factors is the first step towards preventing heart diseases and living a healthy life! For instance, if you’re a heavy smoker or addicted to alcohol, you have the choice to cut down on them. If you’re overweight, you have the choice to opt for weight loss programs so you can achieve a healthy body frame. If you’re in the habit of consuming junk and processed food, you have the choice to start eating healthy. All of these choices come from the understanding of risk factors and the motivation to prevent yourself from the debilitating consequences of adhering to them.

PEMF Therapy

How PEMF Therapy Works

PEMF therapy is a revolutionary therapy that incorporates the use of electromagnetic waves to prevent/treat diseases. The basic idea behind this therapy is it simulates the natural electromagnetic field of Earth and projects it into the body, down to the cellular level. The reason is our cells require a specific and optimum frequency of electromagnetic waves to keep working in a healthy fashion; when this “optimum” electromagnetic charge on the cells gets disrupted, diseases start to develop. Therefore, pemf therapy is designed to work to make up for this disruption. It restores the optimum electromagnetic charge on our cells to make them healthy! Similarly, in the case of heart diseases, pemf therapy plays a beneficial role by restoring and balancing the electromagnetic charges in the cardiovascular system, thereby helping manage and treat debilitating heart issues.

How PEMF Benefits Heart Health

PEMF therapy has amazing benefits for heart health, and it benefits the cardiovascular system directly as well as indirectly.

As said earlier, pemf therapy uses electromagnetic waves to charge your cells to an optimum level. In that context, when you’re suffering from any cardiovascular disease, your heart’s optimum charge (which is 30Hz) is disrupted. Consequently, the heart stops functioning in a healthy manner, which leads to heart and vascular diseases.

Now how does pemf theory prevent this from happening? Yes, exactly how we’ve discussed earlier: PEMF therapy will stimulate the cells in your cardiovascular system, and they’ll begin to experience a drastic energy change in them. This energy change will, in turn, assist the cells in their healing process, thereby preventing the disease and even reversing it. This stimulation of the cells via pemf helps them function like healthy, new cells. According to studies, pemf therapy not only curbs damage done to diseased cells but also helps regenerate them to the status of new, completely healthy cells! How cool is that?!

The effects of pemf therapy for heart health are therefore very positive and wholesome. It can reduce your risk of experiencing a heart attack or a stroke by re-energizing your cells, tissues, and organs to full health!

Apart from the prevention and treatment of heart issues, pemf can also be used to improve overall blood circulation and retain a healthy cardiovascular health status.

Final Word

PEMF therapy is absolutely safe for heart patients since it’s a noninvasive, wholesome therapy to regenerate healthy heart cells.


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