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How to Maintain Your App’s Users’ Engagement with Push Notifications

If you wish to enhance your loyal customer base, heavy leads, and reduce churn rate, then read this post and explore the best push notification strategies.


Do you want your customers to retain your brand forever? Of course! This might be why you are here and looking for the best ways to keep your customers engaged.

So, here is the HINT.

When you execute push notifications properly, you will keep your customers sticking around your app from time to time. Now the question is, how do you execute them?

Let’s explore the effective Android Push Notification strategies for better engagement and customer retention.

Give Your Customers a Wonderful Welcome

How many of you accept that the first impression is the last? When it comes to apps, we believe that the basic formula to maintaining app users is to give them a wonderful welcome, so they feel privileged.

Here’s how you can do this –

  • Using an initial notification or message to emphasize the importance of an opt-in.
  • Providing additional information and verification encourages the user to complete the opt-in steps.

With these steps, you can keep your customers engaged in your brand. All you need to do is things smartly.

Give Them a Reason To Get Back To You

Providing incentives via a loyalty program can change the game. What do you think? Experts believe this is the best way to keep coming back from users. However, with successful implementation, iOS push notifications in the loyalty program can help you get more leads.

Here’s how you can do this-

  • Welcome new members
  • Notifying members when they’re on the verge of achieving a new level of loyalty.
  • Notifying members when they reach a new level of loyalty
  • Keeping customers informed about earned loyalty points.
  • Updating and tracking members on points used.
  • Informed or sending warnings to customers when their rewards are going to expire can re-engage customers who may be leaving.

If you provide your customers with a cool incentive program, you can keep engaging with customers and mark the successful growth.

Make The Most Of On Order-Related Topics

Many business owners believe that push notifications are no longer required once a customer has ordered from the app. And that’s the biggest mistake ever counted in our research. So, here are the few order-related push notifications that help to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds-

  • Send them a reminder to re-order subscription-based products and purchases.
  • Inform your customers about abandonment cart or incomplete transactions.
  • Alert your customers if their pre-purchase registration is incomplete.
  • Send an apology for product shortages, malfunctions, and service delays.
  • Notify customers about new arrivals, hot sales, and special offers.

If you give your customer additional information about your app or store, they will be interested and plays a great role in retaining customers for longer.

Set Up A Safety Net

Customer churn is an unavoidable part of doing business. You can, however, reduce your churn rate by providing the safety net of notifications to re-engage the customers when they seem to be dropping out from your app or store. Following a call to action or churn solutions, you can try-

  • We have missed you! Check out our latest collection!
  • We have missed you! Something big you’re missing out on! Apply 50% off to get more deals.
  • We have missed you! Here’s a strong incentive to come back to us! Get one free or package.

 Send Promo Codes and Offers

Don’t feel so high! Customers aren’t thinking about your brand all day long. They might be interested in your competition. Here are a few examples you can incorporate to retain and engage with users.

Try Reminders

Don’t forget!! This is the last day to register and claim 10% off

Send Support Information

Your account has been created. We will be in touch soon!

Send Action Notification

You can do whatever you want to do. Make sure the notification you will send must encourage users to take action.


Push notifications are the best way to build a strong relationship with your customers. With the above-outlined push notifications strategies, you can easily connect with your customers and keep them engaged and loyal to your brand, even if it reduces the churn rate.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most out of these tips. However, if you are looking for the best platform for android push notifications, then try WonderPush. It is the world’s leading platform for getting leads and a real-time update on every goal.

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