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8 Tips to Keep Yourself Safe on the Dark Valleys of the Internet

The dark web, which is a subset of the deep web, is buzzing with black markets and other sites that engage in criminal activity. This has piqued the interest of Internet users all across the world.

The dark web, sometimes known as the darknet, is intentionally concealed. Accessing websites and data on the dark web usually necessitates the use of a particular tool.

Marketplaces, where illicit products such as drugs, guns, and stolen credit card data are bought and sold, are the sort of site most usually associated with the dark web. It provides material and data that may be viewed anonymously.

Cybercriminals frequently utilize the dark web, a notorious area of the internet, to gather unlawfully obtained information for malevolent purposes.

Note that the dark web is not the same as the deep web. Search engines can’t access content on the deep web. It does include items like your online banking account, health insurance site, or a company’s secret database, all of which require customized credentials to access.

Tips to Keep Yourself Safe on the Dark Valleys of the InternetTips to Keep Yourself Safe on the Dark Valleys of the Internet

Must-Follow Tips to Keep Yourself Safe From Dark Web

Use Proxy Servers

Proxy servers work as a conduit between your device and the website you’re accessing. Your data is sent through a middleman, which is a distant computer that connects you to the host server.

Using proxies can keep you safe while accessing dark web contents. Take, for example, ISP proxies. These proxies provide a different IP address from ISPs and mask the real one. This way, malicious entities in the deep web will have no means to trace your activity back to you.

Download and Install the Tor Browser

As a general rule of thumb on the dark web, you should never, ever look for anything on the deep web using your usual browser. Popular browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Chrome feature tracking technologies that might put you on the authorities’ radar.

As a result, utilize the Tor browser, which is not only the safest onion browser but also the easiest to use.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Like proxy, a VPN also reroutes your internet traffic through a distant server and masks your IP address so that websites are unaware of your true IP address or location.

Your traffic between the internet and your device is likewise encrypted using a VPN. That means your ISP can’t see what you’re doing online.

Make Use of Other Anonymous Services

Even if you visit the dark web anonymously, utilizing internet services like extensions, file-sharing, messengers, and emails might lead to the disclosure of personal information.

Many websites use cookies, trackers, and scripts to collect information about you. As a result, it’s preferable to use other online services that prioritize privacy.

TAILS Should be Installed

When using the dark web, you don’t want to leave any traces that may be traced back to you.

Installing the Amnesic Incognito Live System (TAILS) — a special Debian-based version of Linux that clears the user activity on the computer – is the best option to delete the traces.

Without your permission, TAILS will never save cookies or a file to your hard drive. You also won’t have to worry about browsers leaking the infamous “page out” data onto the hard drive.

Get a Dark Web Monitoring Tool

Always be on the lookout for data breaches or leaks that may put your personal information at risk. Financial and other personal information might all be shared illegally on the dark web.

Get a dark web monitoring tool to alert you if any of your personal information has been exposed on the dark web.

Make Sure Your Antivirus Software Is Up to Date

Protect all of your devices with the latest antivirus software which can protect you from malware, phishing attempts, and more.

Always keep your antivirus software up to date, as this will help ward against hackers looking to steal your data.

Make a List of the Websites That You’ll Visit

The dark web, unlike the clear/surface web, does not have the luxury of indexing all relevant search results and presenting just the best to users.

It might be daunting to find what you’re searching for, and as a result, it’s all too easy to end yourself somewhere you don’t want to be.

The greatest thing you can do is get your hands on some solid darknet directories and use them to discover the secure pages for whatever you’re looking for. There are several dark website directories to assist you in finding where you need to go on the dark web.

Instead, it should be a dark web rule that you only shove your nose where it belongs. Determined channels are followed on the dark web, things may rapidly get unpleasant; thus, if you suspect a website is suspicious, simply shut it and go on.

When You’re Finished, Close Everything Up

Some people have been cautious when exploring the dark web, only to fumble at the last minute when they are finished because they are too sluggish to close everything.

You should guarantee that once you’ve finished surfing the darknet, you close all browser windows and any other material that may be associated.


In most countries, browsing the dark web is not prohibited. However, from the perspective of the authorities, it may make you appear suspect.

Most commodities offered on the dark web are illegal, therefore purchasing them is blatantly prohibited. This is why governments may try to track your activities on the dark web.

Terrorists also use the dark web to communicate, recruit new members, and plot attacks. In other words, even if you are a law-abiding person, it may not be the greatest environment for you.

If you want to go into the dark web safely, securely, and anonymously, all you have to do is follow the dark web safety advice we gave above.



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