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Home Office Design Trends for a Better Remote Working Experience

Having an office at home is no longer a want but a necessity because of the remote working setup. It is the key to not easily be distracted by the noise of your kids which may lead to unproductivity and inefficiency.

It does not have to be elegant and luxurious, meaning you don’t have to splurge a huge amount of money just to have a dedicated space for working. If your house has limited space, you can use the annex or a corner of the room as your office.

If you have been working in the comforts of your own home, give yourself a favor and create a comfortable and inviting office where you can get things done. If you already identified a room in your house that you want to convert into an office, you might have a hard time designing it. So we prepared the design trends below to help you create a functional, chic, and totally vibrant home office.

1. Add industrial style bookcases

Add industrial style bookcases

Industrial bookcases can go well in any kind of office because of their functional design and open-concept floor plan. Not only can you use it as a place where you can store all your work essentials like books, documents, and receipts but it also adds style to the overall look of the space. It will help you become more focused on what you are doing which is ideal to have for an office.

2. Purchase luxury chairs

Since you are building an office at home, you have the freedom of how your luxury chairs would look like. You don’t have to follow the design used in a typical office. There is an elegant range of chairs in the market today that vary in color, shape, and size. There are unlimited options for you to choose from so you better get the one that you know will help you become more productive.

Purchase luxury chairs

You can purchase luxury chairs for a dual purpose. For instance, you might want to buy luxury chairs with additional storage space so that you have a place to store small yet important stuff. On the other hand, if you prefer to have a comfortable working space, get luxury chairs that can double as recliners.

3. Display a statement lamp

Display a statement lamp

After purchasing bookcases and luxury chairs, now is the time to buy a statement lamp.  You will not be able to finish a project all night without proper lighting. It will prevent you from having problems with your eyesight in the long run. Aside from that, it can enhance the beauty of the place in an effortless way.

Make sure that the design of your statement lamp complements the style of your luxury chairs and bookcases. They don’t necessarily have to feature the same colors or patterns but at least they will not look awkward when put together.

4. Have an open-air workspace

A closed office can feel suffocating and too limiting. It can add to your stress and frustrations so what you have to do is to create an open-air workspace. Make sure that the location where you want to build your home office has an overlooking view of your backyard or patio.

Put your desk and luxury chairs beside the large window or in front of the door so that you can enjoy the cool breeze on warm days. It will help freshen up your mood and brain which is beneficial in staying productive. Make sure to use see-through materials for your window and door so that you can instantly enjoy the natural scenery.

5. Display decorative office accents

There is no other way to improve the aesthetics and creativity of the space other than displaying decorative office accents. Aside from their contribution to the visual appeal of your office, they can also serve as a reflection of your personality. They are highly recommended to have in a home office because just the sight of them can keep your creative ideas.

5. Build an office away from your living space

Rather than revamping a room in your home with new decor, you could go that one step further and create an office outside of your living area. A trend that has gathered speed since covid forced people to reevaluate the way they work has been for homeowners to utilise outbuildings or have one built. Wooden garages from manufacturers like Passmores, make an ideal solution because they can be purchased in kit format, easily erected, and be converted into a home office. Whilst this option requires more investment, it does add value to your home and can enhance your productivity substantially.

In a Nutshell

You should not underestimate the impact of a home office on your productivity. The design ideas above are proven to be helpful to let you have a better remote working experience.  You deserve to have more than just a desk and an extra chair in a spare space.

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