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Business Image: Get It Right First Time Around

Presenting a good business image is hard. It’s hard because there are already so many businesses, probably in your own industry, who are presenting a brilliant image that you’ll have to compete with. Presenting a good image is important for many reasons, but the main one is that it gives your business a professional look that can help you pull in more sales. If also helps you make that all important first impression. If you get your business image right the first time around there’s more chance of you making more sales and closing more deals.

Selling In Person: Leave A Good Impression

Selling your product or service in person is one of the best ways to close a deal. However, sometimes, the person/business you’re trying to sell to won’t be able to commit right away. You have to leave them mull things over. It’s better to leave them with something that can lead them towards saying yes. A high quality photo book, full of successful samples of your work can give them something to look over as they consider closing the deal. You can even buy photo books in bulk so that you have multiples to give out where necessary. Just make sure they’re of a good quality and that they’re consistent too. Also, make sure the information in there corroborates with what’s publicly available in case they wanted to cross reference any of the work you’ve done.

Business Cards Are Still Relevant

Being able to pass over a business card at the right opportunity can make a huge difference. It marks you as a professional. It also means they’ll have your contact details to hand if they want to call. You need to invest in some good business cards. They come in different materials, from basic paper and card right the way through to gold. Try to avoid paper, they look and feel cheap. Instead, focus on a good quality card. If you’re approaching a huge client and you want to leave a brilliant lasting impression, you can keep a small stock of expensive metal business cards to give that premium feel. If you do this coupled with a good photo book, you’ll do even more to boost your chances of closing a sale.

Be Your Best Self

It’s natural for people to be nervous or worried when they have to leave a lasting impression. The key is to be respectful, anticipate key questions and don’t be overbearing. Let them talk, and try to address their key concerns without waffling on about irrelevant information. You don’t always have to wear business attire, just make sure you don’t look scruffty and are cleanly presented. Put across your best self because at the end of the day, in that moment, you’re representing your business.

Ensure Your Business Events Are Remembered

If you run business events, make sure they’re memorable. If you’re a business in the events industry you’ll of course use top quality event photography to capture the moments, but use these photos on your website and throughout social media. If you’re not in the events industry, you’ll likely attend trade shows and other business events. You might throw fundraisers and attend charity events. Always make sure there are quality event photographers or photo booths present for people to use. It allows them to capture the moment, and it also will give them something so that they’ll always remember that it was you and your event.

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