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Gianluca Vacchi Net Worth, How Much Is Gianluca Vacchi Worth?

Some celebrities hold multiple skills professionally. One such example is Gianluca Vacchi. He is a businessman, an author, and a social media personality from Italy having more than $100 net worth. Other than gaining professional feats, Vacchi has also gained popularity from the social media platform Instagram with more than 14 million followers. 

Vacchi rose to fame with his videos of dancing that are posted on one of his social media platforms Instagram. He even earned the title of ‘Coolest Man on Instagram’. And it all came when he showcased his flamboyant lifestyle and travel. Vacchi was also associated with the board administration of a private equity firm. 

Being popular on Instagram, you all must be familiar with Gianluca Vacchi, but maybe you don’t have ample knowledge of his early life, career, earnings, etc. So today I would be mentioning all these aspects of this multi-talented personality through this article. So let’s begin our exploration now.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Gianluca Vacchi
Stage Name: Gianluca Vacchi
Gender: Male
Birthday: 5th August 1967
Place Of Origin: Bologna, Italy
Age: 53years old
Height: 1.73 m
Weight: 75 kg
Nationality: Italian
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Divorced
Spouse: Giorgia Gabriele
Profession: Italian social media personality, entrepreneur, DJ, and author
Total Net Worth: $200 Million

How Much Is Gianluca Vacchi Worth

Early Life

Gianluca Vacchi was born in 1967 in Italy on 5th August. During his childhood days, when his parents were too inclined towards their business commitments, Vacchi shared a close bond with his grandmother. He did his education from the reputed schools in Italy. Vacchi graduated from a university in Bologna, Italy. Economics and Business were his picked subjects. 


When it comes to appearance, then Gianluca Vacchi did come with a good average height of 5’6 inches and weighing 75 kg. He sports a flamboyant personality sporting a white beard, green eyes, and fair complexion. Vacchi has multiple tattoos on his body. 

Personal Life

Owing to his debonair looks and multiple relationships with women, he is also called Grandpa Playboy. On his Instagram, he uploaded videos showing him dancing with his girlfriend turned wife Giorgia. His fans noticed her on his dancing videos. Being known as Grandpa Playboy, Vacchi enjoyed a great romantic closeness with multiple women in his life. 

Earlier, he had an engagement with a woman named Melissa. But both broke off later. After her, Vacchi came into a relationship with Giorgia seven years ago. But this time also, his relationship broke up followed by divorce. 


After completing his graduation from a reputed university in Italy, Vacchi became part of his family business, at the very young age of twenty-five. At that time his inclination towards the stock market increased. And so he became habitual of purchasing and selling multiple firms. This tactic of Vacchi earned him the status of the coolest person in the business world.

In a brief time, using his intellect and knowledge in business, he held the post of president of SEA and as director (Non-Executive) at IMA. At the age of 45, Vacchi quit his prominent roles and declared his retirement. However, that was not the end for this man with a debonair personality. 

After calling off retirement from his major roles, Vacchi switched to social media and got himself introduced worldwide. And then he began with his video posting in which he also included his ex-wife, Giorgia. Both danced to the tunes of the song of famous Puerto Rico singer Ricky Martin. It became viral on the social media platform Instagram. 

At present, Vacchi is a popular social media face in terms of entertainment. He got himself associated with music groups and came up with songs like Love, Viento, and Trump It. Besides this, he also arranged concerts and tours that took place in different parts of the U.S and Italy also. 

Book ‘Enjoy’ By Gianluca Vacchi

Apart from carrying his father’s business to new heights and getting immense fame for his videos on Instagram including some with his ex-wife Giorgia, Vacchi proved his mettle with another skill as an author of a book called ‘Enjoy’. The book is written in the Italian language, so it’s not sure whether there is an availability of an English version of this book on any of the online shopping platforms. 


The quantity of awards received by Gianluca Vacchi is not known. However, the list of his achievements is very large. Just being born to a business-oriented family does not mean he got everything very easily. No, it’s not. Vacchi never chose the path of easy and quick success, instead, he believed in hard work and got success in taking his father’s business to the horizon. 

Now, it is not known whether he will become a recipient of the award in the future or not. Vacchi has already got his awards with the title of ‘Coolest Man on Instagram’ with the maximum fan following. Going by figures, there are 14.6 followers on the latter social media platform. So do you think Vacchi would crave any awards to prove his success? Of course not. 

Net Worth of Gianluca Vacchi

As of July 2021, $200 million is the estimated net worth of entrepreneur and social media personality, Gianluca Vacchi. He has earned his fortune in taking his father’s business to newer heights. His other source of income also comes from his profession as a DJ. Born in a wealthy family paved an added advantage for Vacchi who now lives a luxurious lifestyle having his own yacht, jet, and fleet of cars.

Final Words

Gianluca Vacchi comes from a business family. If one thinks he got success very easily, then let me correct you it is not so. Vacchi did work hard to prove his worth, and with his sheer dedication, he took the business of his father to a heightened level of success. 

After gaining a long experience in business, Vacchi switched to the social media platform, and soon became a popular face on Instagram through his dance videos. He garnered a million fan following on his Instagram page. Hard work is the key to success, no matter if you are rich or not.

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