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Funny Vine Quotes That Will Leave You Amazed

Are you familiar with Vine, an old application? If your answer is yes, then cheers to you as today we will be reviving the old memories by exploring the funny vine quotes from the past of Vine. Beginning from the iconic vine ‘Staaaahp to more other funnier ones. Well, numerous vine quotes won’t feel like enough. No matter what, we will explore them as much as we can. 

Vine Quotes That Are Funny

Reminding vines

But before we go further, let us have a clear understanding of Vines. Well, these are the typical humorous ways of entertainment to bring a smile to your face, or in other words, provide a dose of laughter. Vines quotes belong to the much-famed Vine videos that created a buzz on the internet. They range from numerous and distinctive popular moments of Vine that led people to go mad about it. One of the best examples is LOL. This vine quote is still used in chats among the two people. Its full meaning is ‘Laugh Out Loud’. 

You can find numerous funny and famous vine moments. I would like to mention one more big example from six years ago. It was Kevin Sunnes, the mechanic from Norway. He popularized a famous meme clip ‘Rolling In The Deep’. It featured a very popular cartoon character from the 90s. Any guesses! Okay, before you bring out an array of cartoon characters, let me spill the beans. 

SpongeBob Squarepants with Adele

It was SpongeBob Squarepants who joined with Adele. This combination was something that was least expected. There are other iconic vine moments or quotes like ‘What are thoooose?’ Now tell me do you still remember these iconic funnier vine quotes? Okay fine, no need to scratch your head, as we are going to make your ride on old memory lanes of vine quotes. 

Some other top examples

You might be remembering a very popular vine quote which is ‘Staaahp! I coulda dropped mah croissant!’ Another big example is ‘Hurricane Katrina’. Of course, this you cannot forget as it was the famous devastating tropical storm that emerged in the Gulf of Mexico on 26th August. 

Well, I am not going to reopen the incident details, as you can find it yourself while surfing the net. You might not be having an idea that the name of this famous storm is one of the famous vines. Other than being a famous vine, Hurricane is added with a wonderful name of a beautiful hot actress, Katrina Kaif. On a funnier note, now you definitely cannot forget this vine. 

Vine quotes are the best way out to make someone cheer up with funny laughter merely by reading. You can get a daily dose of laughter by reading out the best vine quotes daily and anywhere. So now no need to search for a funny friend or a comedy movie, when vine quotes are enough to keep you free from stress and make you laugh. So it is the best formula to lighten up your mood. 

Brief Facts about the Vine platform

Before we begin our exploration in listing the best funny vine quotes, we would like you to have a brief knowledge about them. Vine was a social media platform from America that allowed people to come up with short humor videos of 6 seconds. Although the prime emphasis was on comedy, the application was acquainted with other content related to music, sports, and other trends. It also included cool tricks. Vine sustained its popularity on the internet for four years. It became iconic as it was also preferred by several popular personalities for the sake of their brand promotion. 

What caused the fading of Vine’s popularity?

As it says nothing stays longer, Vine also became the perfect example of it. The app lost its shine in popularity among the users, after the launch of a video feature by social media platform Instagram. Here users were allowed to create and share a short video of fifteen seconds. 

This became the crucial factor behind the dipping of Vine videos which were limited to six seconds. After getting superseded by Instagram, the popularity of Vine got diminished. The credit of so many vine quotes goes to people who were behind it. But after the closure of Vine, it became difficult to remember the names of the creators.

No longer in use, but can still have a look at the best Vine quotes

But no issues, we have made a collection of some of the best funny vine quotes from the time when the platform was active and popular. Let us begin with:

  • “All I wanna tell you is that school is not important… Be whatever you wanna be. If you wanna be a dog… woof! You know?” – Queen Blackwell
  • “Jared, can you read number 23 for the class? No, I cannot… What up? I’m Jared, I’m 19 and I never  learned how to read.” 
  • “I spilled lipstick in your Valentino bag. You spilled — whaghwhha — lipstick in my Valentino White bag?” 
  • “[Blowing candle on a table, cameraman blows it away] ADAM!” 
  • “It’s an avocado, thanks! Not a sour lemon my friend” – @JeffSimmons
  • “And they were roommates. Mah God, they were roommates.” – Matt Sukkar
  • “Yo, how much money do you have? 65 cents. Aye, you know what that means?” – Nathan Enick
  • “Can I please get a waffle? Grab some and have fun!”
  • “Happy Crimus…..It’s crismun….Merry crisis.  Merry Chrysler.” – Christine Sydelko
  • “When will you learn that your actions have consequences?” – SammyClassicSonicFan
  • “Today’s forecast, we can clearly see that somebody got me all annoyed!” 
  • “Chris! Is that a brownie? No, this is a crayon, I’m calling the police [puts 911 into microwave] 911 what’s your emergency?” – @Weaklingchris
  • “Go ahead and introduce yourselves. My name is Michael with a B and I’ve been afraid of insects my entire-Stop, stop, stop. Where? Hmm? Where’s the B? There’s a bee? “
  • “It’s Wednesday, my dudes. The weekend is here.” – @JimmyHere
  • “I smell like a dead rat. I think my nose ain’t working.” – Katie Ryan
  • “I didn’t get no sleep cause of y’all, y’all not gone get no sleep cause of me!” 


These are the typical amusing forms of entertainment that will put a grin on your face, or deliver a dosage of laughing. Vine quotes are from the well-known Vine videos that have gained a lot of attention on the internet.

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