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Top Free Voice Changer Apps For Discord, Games, PC & Mobile

To change the pitch of the tone of your voice, there is a special technique of voice changer. It is best used for audio recording and sharing it with others through multiple social media sites like Skype and Discord. These applications are featured with an easy interface and also comprise multiple ranges of effects that can be put in real-time. 

If you are interested in knowing the top free voice changing apps with their website links and known features, then join me in this blog, as I am going to list down some of the best-handpicked lists of free open source software or free voice changers for your mobile, PC and Discord. Let us begin with:

AthTek Voice Changer is the best voice-changing app with a user-friendly interface. It facilitates its users with the dubbing of films and videos with no difficulty. AthTek Voice changer is supportive of multiple file-formats including MP3, and. WAV etc. Coming on to its advantages, this app can give you an advantage in changing your voice pitch very easily. 

It also lets you test your voice by previewing. In case you are not okay with the speed of your voice, then AthTek allows you to change it. There is also a provision of volume adjustments that can be done quickly. You won’t experience any issues downloading AthTek. Moreover, you will also be getting technical support freely. This voice changer app will run better on Windows. 

This comes as another top-picked voice changer app. If you wish to enhance your online experience, then MorphVOX is the best choice to make. With the help of this voice changer app, you can bring changes in the quality of your voice tone and pitch. It is the best solution for your gaming tool that can let you sound in both the male and female tones. 


MorphVOX comes up with the advantage of changing your voice to high quality. Adding on one more benefit of this app is it makes less consumption of your CPU usage. You can make the best choice in referring to this voice changer app for Discord. MorphVOX is acquainted with inbuilt sound effects and voices. Customization of joystick and mouse are other advantages. MorphVOX is suitable for Windows as well as Mac. 

Coming up with other best free voice changer examples is Adobe Audition. With this app, you can change your voice instantly. There is no limitation in bringing modification to your sound pitch. This voice changer app is very much helpful in tuning up your voice better with the least effort. 

Adobe Audition

With the Adobe Audition app, you can also experience adding up echo effects to your voice. It also provides a multitrack UI feature. Your settings can also be customized by this voice changer app. Besides these advantages, Adobe Audition can also benefit you with the addition of existing sound to your voice. MacOS and Windows are the supported platforms of this voice changer app. 

If your device is supported with the Android operating system, then RoboVOX Voice Changer is the best selection to go with. As the name suggests, this voice-changing app is known for voice modification into a robotic tone and even musical. RoboVOX comprises more than 30 different styles of voice and also settings regarding modulation in the pitch. This mobile app also gives you the advantage of saving your recordings. It has more added features including recording your voice with ease. 

RoboVOX Voice Changer

But more than that RoboVOX also lets results be shared on online audio distribution platforms like SoundCloud. Moreover, there is also a provision of WAV files, where your voice creations can be saved and mailed. If you are bored with your usual ringtones and are curious to have a new one, then RoboVOX can also let you make ringtones. This voice changer app is facilitated with a special feature called vocoder with a technique of signal measuring from devices. It is supportive for Android users. 

Voice Changer

If you go for the Voice Changer app, then, it will grant you the advantage of added effects and voice transformation. The voice effects can also be customized according to your wish. This free voice-changing application can let a sound appear to an existing thing. You can make the best use of your microphone and a web browser for voice recording by using Voice Changer app. This will also enable uploading stored files from the hard drive. You can also experiment with so many voice effects with this app. The creation of new voices and modifications is also possible with Voice Changer. 

Coming on to the next free voice changing application is Accusonus Voice Changer. This plugin app makes it possible to transform any character sound. If you wish to put on dialogues that match the scenario, then it is all possible with the Accusonus Voice changer app. By using this application, you will be at the advantage of adding effects in a few clicks. 

Accusonus Voice Changer

Setting up a studio with the least effort is also possible here. In case, you wish to go for a compilation of more than one sound, then Accusonus does allow you for it. You won’t have to encounter any trouble in installing this plugin app with the least effort. So this app does provide multiple benefits in bringing modifications to your sound as per your wish. It is supported on Windows and Mac.

Last on the list is All-In-Voice-Changer. You can refer to this voice-changing application software during calling on the social media platform Skype. A user can bring modifications in his sound by making adjustments in sliders to get the right voice pitch. In short, All-In-Voice-Changer helps in voice modification and changing your voice pitch. If you want to experiment with different voice effects, then this voice-changing app is the best to consider.


It is acquainted with a special indicator feature that is helpful for you to make decisions for your voice change. There is no need for exporting, one can listen to the recorded voice. The other unique feature of the All-In-Voice-Changer app is it lets you sync your voice call platform automatically. 

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