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Difference Between Love and Crush: 7 Main Things to Remember

Recently, plenty of people have started to say such notion as “crash” when talking about the person who they like, more often. The headings of popular magazines, advertisers, and actors also mention this word in their campaigns. But do you actually know what is the difference between love and crush, and what word you should use in a particular context? If you still feel a little bit confused about these terms, then keep reading to find out the main distinctions and stop being puzzled at last.

Love & Crush – Basics of Popular Concepts

Sometimes “Crush” and “Love” are used in the same context, but in fact, they have different meanings. You can call your partner as a crash when you have strong physical affection. Meanwhile, naming somebody your love, means that you feel not only sexual desire but the rest of other emotions like support, care, etc. The latter includes an intention to develop the connection and grow it into something great. If you want to know how to tell a girl you love her, first, make sure that this is true love but not a passion. The following distinctions between love and crush will let you understand your feelings immediately.

7 Distinctions Between Love and Crush

How to tell the difference between a crush and love? You will have no difficulties once you know the key distinctions. Learn them to know how you feel actually. As a result, you will be able to build open relationship or sincere connections depending on your real needs and sensations.

1.   Love calms down

You can feel comfortable and calm when you love a person. This is absolutely different from a crush that may resemble a rollercoaster ride. Love calms down and lets the person feel peace and confidence instead of constantly changing mood. In this case, you do not have to prove something or think about how to act. Everything is clear.

2.   Love has a deeper bond

What’s the difference between a crush and love? One of the main distinctions that should be noticed is the depth of love and the physical affection of the crush. The latter is associated with appearance and body rather than genuine feelings. Simply put, when you love the person, every fiber of your being is involved. It is not the same as the case with a crush when you feel passion and physical attraction without an intellectual bond.

3.   Crush develops instantly

When you feel a strong physical affection for another person, everything develops very quickly. You do not think about what will be the next moment or the next day. Simply put, a crush takes place immediately, and obsession takes you over the moon. As for love, it requires time. Deep connections can’t grow quickly. Partners spend a lot of time together, go through different things, and one day they understand their unity. Everything happens slowly, step by step. True love can’t appear within a single day.

4.   Crush is short-term

When you go crazy about a person quickly, then, you deal with a crush. It is when you should expect your fantastic romance to finish soon. Like everything starts quickly, the same way it disappears. Love is a long-term feeling, that grows every day and lives for a long time, sometimes even forever. You will not be able to replace love with anything if it is true.

5.   Love is inspiring

You can notice impressive changes when you love a person. This amazing feeling can inspire you for fantastic things and make you believe you have a superpower. At the same time, crush may be exhausting. It takes your energy and doesn’t let you think about anything but a particular person and your passion. Such feelings may prevent you from achieving your plans and focusing on really significant things.

6.   Love gives you the best friend

By having a crush, you get only a temporary person in your life. Being in love means that a true friend appears. This is a deep connection that greatly contributes to your entire life. In other words, you have a person who is ready to support you in any situation and accepts your views and goals. Together, you can achieve everything you want.

7.   Love is tolerant

What is the difference between a crush and love? The latter is tolerant and understanding. When you love the person, you are ready to give them enough space while crush is obsessive. You may feel stuck as a crush is selfish. Once you are going to notice that you have no breath to breathe. Love doesn’t place any frames or demands. It is generous and calm.

In the Nutshell

When you meet a special person, you whole world starts to change. Still, the nature of this change depends on whether it is crush or love. As you can see, the difference between love and crush is incredible. A crush is amazing feeling that captures you entirely but doesn’t last for a long time. Unlike it, love lets you develop a deep connection and make it a great part of your being.

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