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Best Solar Power Affiliate Programs

Numerous people have given energy independence some thought as a result of recent global changes, shifting lifestyle preferences, and the climate catastrophe.

Because of this, a wide range of solar equipment manufacturers are making portable solar products that enable people to produce electricity ad hoc.

This emerging market offers an interesting opportunity for affiliates, who may work with the brands’ solar power affiliate programmes to connect with and earn large commissions from the numerous digitally savvy groups that provide portable solar power stations service.

Given that many regions of the world still lack dependable access to energy infrastructure, it should come as no surprise that by 2030, over 34 of all electrical connections are expected to be off-grid.

This offers affiliate marketers the chance to make money through both client-facing B2C and commercial B2B audiences, from a marketing viewpoint.

Additionally, since many of these solar power products fall into the high ticket price category, a power company affiliate program provides affiliates who work with these solar power equipment suppliers with substantial commissions.

List of Solar Power Affiliate Programs

Shop Solar Kits

Shop Solar Kits, a company founded in Canada in 2018, specialises in small portable solar power systems, including solar generators, batteries, cables, and panels.

When people sign up for this solar power affiliate programme with GoAffPro, affiliates can get commissions of up to 6%. Affiliates have the ability to earn big commissions because many of the Shop Solar Kits are priced much beyond $1000.

Shop Solar Kits places a focus on using its goods for off-grid lifestyles, from RV vacations to energy sources for homes that are off the usual road. Their affiliate programme may be a wonderful fit for real estate investors, AirBnB hosts, or even RV manufacturers when these demographics are taken into account.


The California-based Jackery firm creates transportable solar panels for outdoor use. Solar generators, portable power stations, and solar panels are among the products offered by the company, which was created in 2012 with the goal of democratising access to energy.

The company has partnered with well-known companies like Honda. This endorsement significantly raises the brand’s legitimacy, which attracts affiliate marketers as a desirable solar power choice.

Jackery solar power generators cost $300 to $3,000, with commissions ranging from $15 to $150 per unit.


Renogy is mainly known for sustainable energy solutions that promote energy independence and fight climate change. The company is situated in California, and its inventory consists of portable equipment, kits, charge controllers, and solar panels.

Affiliates can earn commissions of 4%–15% on transactions completed within 30 days when customers buy Renogy compact portable solar panels, which have a price range of $35–$3000 per unit.

The Renogy brand’s focus on neighbourhood marketing is one of its main selling points. Along with running a blog and instructional forum, the business also runs referral and rewards programmes. This implies that they have a strong commitment to the purpose of the product, and affiliates can draw on this well-established brand storytelling to help them promote their links.


Bluetti is a Nevada-based company that specialises in off-the-grid portable solar power equipment. The brand’s mission is to stand out by paying close attention to visual design. Portable power units, solar panels, solar generators, and accessories are just a few of the stylish goods it produces.

On sales that happen during a 15-45 day cookie window, affiliates might receive a fee of 5–6%. This affiliate programme offers substantial payouts because the products are combined into high-ticket packages, some of which cost between $4,000 and $8,000.

Lion Energy

The Utah-based company Lion Energy, which develops lithium-powered energy storage options, has one of the States’ greatest rates of growth in 2021. Power banks, energy storage devices, lithium batteries, and solar generators are among its available products.

On goods costing anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, affiliates can get commissions of 5 to 7 percent.

Affiliates with Utah-based audiences who support energy independence may be particularly keen on working with Lion Energy.

Solar Direct

A renewable energy business founded in 1986 in Florida is called Solar Direct. The company fulfils demands for solar installation in both homes and businesses. They also sell battery storage, water heaters, and pool heaters that run on solar power.

Affiliates can earn between 1% and 40% on more than 600 products through the Solar Direct affiliate programme, which operates on a tiered commission structure.

With regard to large-scale solar installations as opposed to portable solar panels, Solar Direct stands out among the affiliate programmes for solar power on this list. As a result, affiliates in the commercial or residential real estate sectors with a B2B clientele may find this programme to be particularly relevant.


A renewable energy corporation with offices in China and the US is called Ecoflow. They market smart home gadgets, portable power sources, and solar panels. Their website states that their goal is to develop portable power solutions that are environmentally friendly and promote self-sufficient energy.

The company has made investments in premium video advertising campaigns that can assist affiliates in spreading the word about the company.

Ecoflow particularly emphasises the significance of its products in emergency situations, such as the use of its generators in blackouts. Therefore, if you believe in their products, Ecoflow may be a fantastic company to collaborate with if your target market is made up of homeowners or property managers.


The California-based startup Aco Power offers portable solar power supplies to a wide range of customers, including outdoor adventurers and first responders. Solar-powered coolers, off-grid solar panels, controllers, inverters, and generators are among the company’s product offerings.

To start making a 6 percent commission on each transaction, affiliates can join the Aco Power programme right on their website. With prices ranging from $5 to $5,000, there may be a chance for your audience to establish confidence with Aco Power by making smaller purchases.

A solar-powered cooler fridge and solar kits made especially for RVs are two of the company’s standout items.

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