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Best Men’s Suit for Every Budget, Occasion

Every man needs to have a collection of suits in his wardrobe. Having a collection can provide us with clothing choices for different occasions. Of course, mens khaki pants have become staple wear over the years. But we all need something classier and more elegant when it comes to upper wear.

This is where suits jump in. A neat suit is no longer a choice. It has become a necessity. Your wardrobe should have a smart and tailored outfit. However, it can be overwhelming to find a good suit for different occasions. But don’t worry. Here’s a list of different suits you can try out on different occasions:

Tuxedo Suit

This outfit is quite the attention grabber. It offers the perfect combination of style and class. Tuxedos are popular outfits for weddings. You just have to decide when you’ll be wearing one: on your own or your mate’s. Complement the garment with bootcut trousers and you will create the perfect outfit. What’s more, you can wear it for the whole day without breaking a sweat. It provides great value for money. Moreover, you’ll feel slim and tall in bootcut trousers.

Best Men's Suit for Every Budget

Two-piece Suit

The best thing about this particular outfit is that it is timeless. All you men out there need to hear this. Get the classic two-piece black suit for your wardrobe, if you haven’t. It is an all-rounder garment that works wonders for occasions like formal dinner parties. Take your style up a notch by wearing the coat atop a white shirt and tie.

The two-piece suit is worth every bit of your investment. What’s more, it compliments all body types. Moreover, if you don’t feel like wearing the coat then there’s absolutely no issue at all. Slip into the shirt, trousers, and a pair of classy shoes – and all eyes will be on you.

Slim-fit Blazer

The designer slim-fit blazer is a favorite among people persons. Why, because it’s a crowd puller. All you folks who love to be the center of attention will appreciate this great outfit.

Whether you want to impress your dinner date or take the attention away from your mate at his wedding, the designer slim fit blazer is for you. This outfit offers a superb combination of style and elegance. Heads will turn when you walk to the party in a slim fit blaze and contrasting shirt and trousers.

Striped Blazer

Ever come across an evergreen outfit? That’s a striped blazer for you. This particular outfit is designed for men on the go. You can wear this blazer on multiple occasions and look fabulous on each one. Striped blazer features welt pockets, long-buttoned sleeves, and lapel-collar neck. Wear this outfit with a pair of contrasting trousers if you want to channel your inner fashion freak.

Neutral Color Suit

When was the last time you tried something funky and voguish? Go for the linen-neutral color if you want to experience something groovy again. Complement the outfit with a round-neck T-shirt and neat sneakers. The whole outfit has a different vibe to it. It is a great transition from the typical outfit choices you often make. Don’t hesitate to try something new, something neutral, something awesome.

Floral Blazer

Fashion is timeless. It is for all ages and genders. Don’t think that floral blazers are exclusive to women. That idea is outdated and canceled. If you haven’t tried the outfit, then perhaps it’s time to break those age-old norms about clothes and their colors. The days of monotonous clothes are long gone.

People are experimenting with their fashion sense and choice of clothing. Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you should limit your options to a few. Embracing this elegant outfit and you’ll feel the difference. Floral blazers look extremely good atop solid color waist jacket and trousers.

Lounge Suit

This particular outfit was once the semi-formal version of the morning suit. But those days are long gone. The garment has evolved with time to become a two-piece lounge suit. Post-World War II fashion norms removed the waistcoat completely from the suit. You might have come across invitations where the dress code is said to be lounge suit. The office suit you wear is a prime example of a lounge suit.

Wool Suit

Are you a fan of the summer or winter season? If you pick the latter as your answer then you get to wear a wool suit. It is a comfy garment that provides much-needed warmth during the cold winter days.

You may not want to replace wool with linen. The reason is that wool keeps you warm during months between October and March. What’s more, wool does not damage the environment. It is a biodegradable matter that does not cause plastic or microfiber pollution. So, wear the suit during winters and you’ll appreciate the weather and your outfit.

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