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Benefits of Hiring Public Adjusters

Insurance is essentially the safety net that provides you with a sense of security when things go wrong.

In case of an unfortunate event, you would be entitled to seek a claim from your insurance agency to help you deal with the circumstances.

While it is not mandatory to insure your home in Miami, stakeholders with a financial interest in your property might mandate insurance. For instance, banks will not provide mortgages until a home is insured.

You will be surprised that Miami has the highest average insurance premium in Florida at $3900 per year. The average per annum insurance rates in Miami are double the state average, and this is because the city is more prone to flooding and hurricanes than the rest of the state. In 2017, people filed more than sixteen thousand insurance claims because of a flood in the tri-region area.

When an unfortunate event happens, and you make a claim, it can be less than expected. Many homeowners and business owners in Miami are often unsatisfied with the insurance agency’s claim amount.

If you think the damages have caused more damage to your home or business premise than the insurance company stated, you can hire public adjusters miami.

These are third-party individuals who would survey the property and calculate the extent of damages down to the last cent to help you get the best possible claim. You can even get a free inspection by contacting a reputable public adjuster to determine the actual damages.

If you are still skeptical, here are some benefits of hiring public adjusters.

  • Time-saving

Liaising with insurance companies is very time-consuming as you must present various documents and fulfill different requirements. By hiring a public adjuster, you outsource the documentation to them, and they will liaison with the insurance company in Miami on your behalf.

  • Expert advice

The insurance claim process is quite complicated; it will be challenging if you do not have previous experience.

One must know the policy’s terms and conditions to get a better claim from the insurance company.

A public adjuster has the skills and the experience to provide you guidance and guide you through the whole process. You get to reap the benefits of their expertise as they know how insurance policies are enforced in Miami.

  • Faster resolution

Owing to their experience and expertise, a public adjuster can expedite the process. They will submit all the documents timely and negotiate with the insurance company in Miami if needed.

  • Works in your interest

Unlike the insurance company, whose main motive is to give you a lesser claim amount to increase their profitability, a public adjuster works in your interest. They will help you get the best settlement you deserve as per your specific case. If the claim reaches court, they can serve as a reliable witness in the Miami court of law to strengthen your case.

  • Fair claim value

By hiring public adjusters in Miami, you can get up to 500% to 700% higher claim amount than the initial offer by insurance companies, as per a survey by OPPAGA. It is one of the primary reasons why hiring public adjusters is worth it.

These are the benefits of hiring public adjusters. They help you get a fair claim value, but they also work in your best interest and help you through the whole process without any hassle.

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