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7 Ways to Decorate Your Front Door Entry

What kind of impression do you want the front door entry at your apartment to make?

Decorating your entry is the perfect way to express your personality. And you can do this by infusing decorative elements!

Since you live in an apartment, putting something like a chair outside your front door may not work — it’d take up too much space! But, there are other things you can add, such as wreaths, plants, and flowers in glass vases.

A front door entry is a fantastic way to make yourself feel at home. Plus, guests will love your creative added touches.

These seven ideas will inspire you on how to decorate your front door entry!

1. Vertical Welcome Sign

What better way to make guests feel welcome than having a welcome sign at your entryway?

A vertical welcome sign is unique and will make guests feel at home the moment they arrive.

There are various welcome signs to choose from, yet I have a suggestion if you want to make a statement. A large, five-foot welcome sign will steal the show and appear grand placed to the left or right of your front door!

If you do decide to invest in a large welcome sign, make sure it’s secure. During a storm, you wouldn’t want it toppling over and damaging anything!

2. Playful and Inviting Welcome Mat

To follow the theme of making guests feel welcome, get a welcome mat as well! A welcome mat is a simple yet fun way to showcase your style.

You have a lot of options when deciding on the type of welcome mat you want. For example, you can go with a funny saying like “yay! you’re here!” Or, you may prefer a more simple mat in a fancy font that says “welcome.”

If you have a pet, you may want to add a mat that says something inviting like “wipe your paws.” Having a fun mat like this will make pet owners and non-pet owners alike smile!

3. Seasonal Decorations

Do you like celebrating the change in seasons?

Then swap out your decorations when each season arrives!

Of course, flowers are perfect for spring and summer. Fresh flowers in vases (more on this next) look lovely during the warmer seasons.

As for the fall time, you may want to add some pumpkins to celebrate this season. A small rustic ladder with hay and pumpkins on the steps would help usher in that cozy fall feel!

During the winter, you can go all out by decorating for Christmas. Or, you can stick to other wintry decorations like some logs and snowflakes.

Do you feel like being extra creative?

Then consider using crates and other natural elements like a small tree!

4. Flowers in Porch Vases

Flowers will make anyone smile, especially when they’re outside your front door!

There are many flowers to choose from, which makes it easy for you to be creative.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

Display Flowers in Vases

Get fresh or fake flowers to put inside a few vases to make a statement. For example, having giant sunflowers in vases during the summertime would look lovely!

Since the sunflowers are so big, you’ll want an oversized vase to hold them. A large wooden vase with a welcome sign on it would work well!

Show off Flowers in Unique Baskets

You can also display your flowers in different baskets. A crate or even a tiny wheelbarrow are both unique ideas. Another idea is to use a small suitcase and put a few of your favorite flowers in there.

No matter how you decide to display flowers in your outside entryway, they’ll usher in happiness!

5. Front Door Plants

In addition to decorating with flowers, you can’t forget about plants. When you visualize your front door entry, all you may see are plants!

If so, placing a few plants like two-foot Hedyotis topiary trees might be the perfect fit.

The plants you select can be large or small. If you go with a few larger plants, make sure they don’t take over your entryway. Other tenants must have enough room to get to their apartment.

Also, don’t forget to water your plants! Ideally, you should display plants that do alright without a lot of sunlight. (Of course, this is assuming your front door doesn’t get a lot of sunshine.) If it has sun throughout the day, you won’t have to worry about select plants dying.

Take all these factors into consideration before splurging on expensive plants. That way, you can decorate with them without having buyers’ remorse.

6. Wreaths

Wreaths are an easy way to spruce up your front door without going overboard.

Like other decorations I’ve discussed, there are also an endless amount of wreaths. From star wreaths to custom wreaths, you’re bound to find something you like! I love wreaths that you can get personalized with your last name or monogram!

Wreaths are easy to swap out each season or whenever you see fit. You may want to invest in a few different wreaths. That way, when you’re in the mood for a different look, you can pull out another decorative wreath!

And the nice thing about wreaths is that they never go out of style!

7. Solar Outdoor Lantern

Your front door entry may or may not have a lot of light.

Regardless, having a solar outdoor lantern will provide more light. Plus, it’ll look incredible!

Solar outdoor lanterns are pretty cool since they’re powered by the sun. In the evening, some lanterns last up to 12 hours which means you’ll have extra light throughout the night.

Shop for a lantern with frosted panels to add a calming ambiance.


Decorating your front door entry may not be high on your priority list. But by the time you finish working your magic, you’ll love the outcome!

Your guests will feel welcome. And, of course, you’ll enjoy your decorations every time you enter your apartment.

Having decor at your front door entry is also an instant mood booster. If you’re having a bad day, coming home to a joyous entryway will make all the difference!

Author Bio

Amber Smith is the Leasing Manager at Catalyst Houston. With over seven years of experience at luxury apartment communities, this Houston native has true pride in her city and understands why Catalyst is the perfect place to call home.

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