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10 Facts About Microsoft That Will Surprise You

Internet users recognize Microsoft like Bella knows Edward and TV lovers recognize Cox cable. This giant regularly switches places with Apple on the top spot. It’s the brainchild of the famous Bill Gates and Paul Allen who came up with this creation in 1975. Over 40 years, Microsoft has released several successful products. It has now become the ruling entity in the world of desktop OS.

We use Microsoft products every day but do we really know this company? I bet the interesting facts that I am about to reveal right now are going to amuse you.

1: Originally, the Company Wasn’t Called Microsoft

The company’s original name was Micro-Soft (with a hyphen). It was a combo of 2 words: “microcomputer” & “software.” Later on, in 1976, the hyphen was eliminated after the company got registered.

This name was coined by Paul Allen. It occurred to him after the launch of Microprocessors. He wanted to create software for Microprocessors. This became the objective of the company and the name Micro-Soft was born.

2: The M&Ms Tradition

There is an M&Ms tradition in the company. On their first work anniversaries, employees must bring half Kg of M&M tablets to work. On their second anniversary, they must bring a pound of M&Ms, and the quantity increases as your number of years with the organization increases. If Bill Gates is to follow this tradition, he would have to bring 43 pounds of M&Ms to work!

3: Microsoft Employees Are “Softies”

Typically, a softie is a middle-aged man making 6 figures salary. But here at Microsoft, everyone’s called Softie (short for Microsofties).

4: YouTube Was First Offered to Microsoft

Did you know that YouTube was offered to Microsoft before Google acquired it? The original offer was $500 million, but the final purchase by Google was at half the price later!

5: Microsoft Helped Apple in 1997

We all know Apple has seen tough years. Back in the 20th century, when Steve Jobs was fired, the company was a mess. They started launching products without a vision or strategy. The company was headless at that time. It was near bankruptcy!

Microsoft came to the rescue. Bill Gates made a deal with Steve Jobs investing $150 million in Apple and as a result, Apple pulled the lawsuits against Microsoft. The real reason behind this investment to create competition. Only a few people know this thing and it was not announced openly.

Microsoft was in legal trouble because of its monopolist presence in several markets. By reviving its main competitor, it was able to a piece of the market share. This saved the giant from breaking into several independent entities. It was a win-win scenario for both Apple and Microsoft.

6: Microsoft Sells Software Licenses Not Software Themselves

The company never sold software. It only sells software licenses. So when you buy a disk of Windows 10 or MS word, you are actually getting an indefinite license. This license allows you to use the product and Microsoft can withdraw it any time! This is the thing that makes the Microsoft a unique company because only counted companies are doing this otherwise there are some major companies that are selling software for more money.

7: Tablet Computer was Microsoft’s Invention

Many people are in disbelief that it was Apple that invented tablet computers. This was in 2010 after the launch of the iPad by Apple which didn’t invent the tablet. In fact, it was Microsoft! Bill Gates introduced a prototype of this tablet computer featuring Windows XP in the year 2001. The market, however, was not ready to accept it at that time. It was heavy and wasn’t really portable. Other manufacturers also released their version of tablet PCs but all of them failed to make a mark. It was until 2010 when another giant (Apple) came up with its version. IPad left a huge impact on the market indeed!

8: Microsoft Employees Consume 23 Million Free Beverages Annually

Back in 2010, Microsoft revealed that its employees consume 23 million free beverages each year from the company’s café. The beverages they drink are mostly orange juice and milk. These stats may be officially announced or might be estimated but still, it’s a really big amount and the funny thing is there is difference of male and female consumer but we will not discuss that thing here.

9: “Xbox” is Short for “DirectX Box”

Microsoft launched the Xbox games console back in 2001. It’s short for DirectX Box and DirectX is one of the most curial software on windows. You may say it’s the key that makes games graphics so intense!

10: The First Smartwatch Ever was By Microsoft

Microsoft invented the first smartwatch before Apple back in 1994. Unfortunately, like the PC tablet, it wasn’t so great and failed to become a hit.

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