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Why Choose Calgary as Your New Home?

Were you aware that more than 8.4 million tourists visit Calgary on an annual basis? Not only is this one of the most popular metropolitan areas within Canada, but Calgary is a city that has become extremely attractive to the international community.

However, what about those who are hoping to live in Calgary on a permanent basis? There are numerous benefits to appreciate and these are worth examining in greater detail. Let’s spend some time examining what makes this destination in Western Canada so alluring so that you can better anticipate what to expect upon your arrival.

The Calgary Climate

One of the first aspects of Calgary which attracts many individuals and families alike involves the type of climate that you can expect to enjoy. Calgary boasts what is known as a “prairie-steppe” climate. What does this actually signify?

Prairie-steppe conditions tend to offer predominantly sunny weather with relatively less rainfall when associated with other interior regions such as Edmonton or Toronto. Summers are also somewhat dry although there are times when it may rain for days at a time. This is vital for the local production of staple crops such as grass and wheat. In other words, anyone who is keen to enjoy more amenable weather conditions will be pleasantly surprised with what Calgary has to offer.

A City Rising Above Other Options

Readers may also be surprised to learn that cities can be affected by how high they exist in terms of geologic height. Professionals have measured the Calgary altitude at 1,048 metres above sea level. Not only will this help to ensure superior air quality throughout the year, but drier atmospheric conditions are likewise suitable for those who have respiratory problems or simply looking to “rise above” the masses. Let us also remember that higher altitudes are associated with lower levels of humidity; an undeniable advantage for those who are negatively affected by moisture (such as people who happen to be suffering from arthritis).

The Ideal Location to Raise a Family

Many individuals who are eager to relocate desire a city that offers a family-friendly atmosphere. This is just as relevant for young parents as it is for couples who are hoping to start a family in the near future. Thankfully, Calgary does not fall short of the mark in this respect. Calgary is known for a strong economy, a well-respected educational system and numerous recreational options for newcomers. Let us also remember that similar to other Canadian cities, Calgary boasts a solid healthcare system.

A Kaleidoscope of Cultural Attractions

Although there are many practical variables to evaluate before moving to Calgary, it is just as vital to highlight the cultural significance of this city. This region has become famous for events such as the annual Calgary Music Festival as well as the Calgary Stampede. However, this is truly only the beginning. The Esker Foundation and the Glenbow Museum offer excellent ways to obtain a unique perspective on the heritage of this unique destination. The Calgary Zoo is likewise one of its main attractions; currently home to more than 1,500 species of animals from around the world.

Scintillating Nightlife

Many online reviews cite cities such as Toronto and Montreal for their nightlife. Although this is completely true, Calgary can be considered a hidden gem for those who enjoy an evening out on the town. This city offers several venues and some of the most popular include:

  • Shelter Cocktail Bar
  • The Ship & Anchor
  • Proof
  • Modern Love
  • Whiskey Rose Saloon

As each of these is associated with its own unique ambience and amenities, it is wise to perform further online research in advance of your arrival.

The Allure of Nature

Calgary is often touted for its urban delights. While this is true to a large extent, we also need to remember that nearby beauty bounds. Banff National Park (the first natural park established by the Canadian government), the Cave and Basin Natural Historic Site, Waterton Lakes Natural Park, and the Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site are all located with close proximity to the Calgary metropolitan area.

A World Unto Itself

Calgary has attracted visitors since it was first founded in 1875. While times have undoubtedly changed, the unique personality of this city continues to entice visitors from all walks of life.

Those who are contemplating a move here should always take the time to examine what Calgary has to offer. Whether you are arriving in order to provide opportunities for your family or you instead wish to take advantage of the thriving business ecosystem, Calgary is indeed a city capable of catering to a wealth of possibilities.

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