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What are Debunking Automation Myths In Customer Support?

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, we get to hear some news that AI will transform our lives (it actually is), and it will steal most of the jobs. AI is making our lives easier with its magnificent intelligence. Writing tool by Jarvis is an AI writing tool that is making rounds as online content creators, bloggers, and several other copywriting-related jobs will not be waiting for writers to submit their content. Chatbots have improved the conversion rate by more than 70% in all industries.

In this article, we are going to debunk some myths related to customer support. Let’s find out what are the automation myths in customer support in the further read. Do share with us in the comment section which one you have seen already and which one we haven’t noticed yet.

  1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IA (Intelligence Automation) will take the place of human beings.
  2. AI and IA are the best to use as customer-clear support. 

If you want to invest in AI or IA, you have to understand both myths and compare them with the reality of life.

Intelligent Automation or IA is not a thing of the future; this technology has been introduced in the market. AI is now, not the future. It is by far true that some companies have shifted their customer support to IA, but it doesn’t mean that there is no need for human beings in this field. You have to understand that machines can’t work accurately without human interference. However, they are taking care of the initial conversation, diverting, and addressing frequently asked questions. The most convenient and game-changer was the appointment setting AI bot.

using chatbots

From Customers Perspective

Suppose you are a customer who wants to report a query. You will never want to share your problem with a robot that knows only a few things that are there in its chip. If a customer asks a question that your robot does not have, he will switch to another department with better services and customer support.

For instance, ISP’s customer support or banking customer support, don’t come under emergency sensitive sectors but they are the most crucial when you lose your debit/credit card or the internet stops working before an important meeting. Mediacom customer support is relatively satisfactory and responsive.  And getting hold of a robotic tap after staying in the queue for 20 minutes will not get any ISP or bank good reviews.

The surprising fact is that around 96% of the customers do not reveal that they are not satisfied with your customer support or response. However, it doesn’t mean they will not tell others about the poor experience they had with you and your company. Thus, using IA without a single human being might cost you to lose a majority of your customers without letting you know.

Why businesses are using chatbots?

Chatbots are perhaps the common type of AI and IA that companies use in their customer support. A company named Salesforce noticed that around 23% of the companies use chatbots in their customer support center. Additionally, 31% are those companies have indicated that they will use chatbots in the upcoming one and a half years.

Using robots developed by AI or IA technologies can improve your company’s performance. However, it does not mean that you can replace all human employees with robots in your company. You have to make sure that these robots are there to help your employees work more efficiently. Using AI or IA technologies will help your employees to carry out tasks way faster than they can do without them.

What is the future of AI and IA?

AI and IA technologies have yet to become famous in the market. You can expect companies to use these technologies in the upcoming years. However, we recommend not depending on these robots entirely as they might ruin your business. It’s good to have a prompt response and instant help but robots lack empathy, common sense, and emotional intelligence.

If you want to use AI or IA, make sure you do not replace your human employees with them, it’s Artificial Intelligence so it will always be trying to be human without being one. Go for these technologies to help your employees work more efficiently and take advantage of their capabilities that go well with your business.


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