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Top 3 Tips to Prepare Your Patio for Winter

Patios are undoubtedly the best part of your home. People love to sit on their patio, enjoy the pleasant weather and sip their favorite coffee or drink. However, enjoying your patio time may not be the same during winter. You must prepare your patio for more comfort, heat, and space. Many people install portable Bromic heaters that create radiant heat around the patio and enjoy the snow while staying warm.

Winter cools down the atmosphere but also brings snow, chilly winds, and cold. As patios are outdoor areas, you need to make arrangements to keep the snow away from the patio and keep it usable and comfortable. Thus, here are the top three tips to prepare your patio for winter.

Rearrange patio furniture

Patio furniture decides the ambiance and vibe of the patio. The idea is to have comfortable seating arrangements for a relaxed time. But if you installed the furniture in summer, you might need to make some changes. The wooden furniture may not withstand the moisture and snow and can get damaged. That’s why you must rearrange it and store it where it can stay away from the moisture.

You can also arrange all-weather patio furniture which won’t get damaged by the snow and can withstand the elements all year round. If you are tired of sitting in the same furniture arrangement, you can move things and rearrange the furniture for a new experience.

Install patio heaters

Stepping out on your patio in winter can be a chilly nightmare when you have no heating arrangement on the deck. You can stay warm on your patio without dealing with firewood by installing Bromic heaters.

There are various heater models you can choose such as Tungsten, Eclipse, Marine Lines, and Platinum. They are aesthetically designed with premium materials and appearance that make them a great addition to the style of your home and patio. Depending on the model, they can cost anywhere between $600 to $4,000. You can choose from a gas and electric model based on your choice.

Many people who prefer to move the heaters from one space to another can use portable and lightweight models. You can look for fixed models as well. Unlike other heaters whose heat is dispersed with wind, Bromic heaters create radiant heat that works like the sun and produces atmospheric heat around the patio to keep you warm all the time. As the heat is wasted, the heater doesn’t have to use more energy to create more heat, saving you a ton of your energy bills in winters.

Reseal the patio

Patios, especially those made with stone, suffer from gaps that turn into cracks if not properly sealed. Therefore, reseal the gaps and cracks in the deck before the winter arrives. Patios require resealing every few years, so if you haven’t done it before, it’s time to do it now.

You can find patio sealants in the market that get quickly soaked in the patio and protect it from the damage caused by water and snow. It significantly preserves the lifespan and appearance of your deck.

Winter preparations often start in autumn, which gives you enough time to arrange everything and be ready to welcome the winter. Make sure you rearrange your furniture, purchase the heaters, and apply the sealants before winter so you can enjoy your patio time in winter without any worry.

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