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The Breaker Season 3. Finally, Confirmed? When will it Release

Fans have been tirelessly requested to release breaker season 3 for the life span of five years now.  Luckily the release of the new season seems that it’s a dream come true. Since the trinity wonder season 3 is already over, the producers may decide to start working for the comeback of the most loved series.

However, the new intended set of volumes may make time to appear in the market.

The breaker is a comic or print cartoon of South Korean origin. This series was debuted in the year 2007. The famous Mahwah was written by jeon geek-jin and was demonstrated by park-jin-hwan, which ran up to ten volumes until 2010.

Just after the series ended, the author-illustrator duo released the second portion of the manhwa. The new wave of the sequel, the breaker, continued up to the year 2015. Even though both seasons were popular, Daewon C. I, the publisher, has yet to revive the third part of the series.

The Breaker
The Breaker

The Breaker Season 3: will it Ever Come Out?

The comeback of the popular manhwa series was never a matter to discuss as the fans were aware that it was obvious that it will return for season 3. Both the author and illustrator of the series were positive towards the launching of the next sequel. However, numerous issues have arisen before they could begin working on season 3. Thus the duo had to start working on a new project.

After a short period, the author and illustrator launched a new brand, manhwa, termed trinity wonder. This was after they concluded with season two of the breaker. Trinity wonder series was equally loved by the breaker fans as well. Unfortunately, as a result of the comic, both the illustrator duo and writer changed their agender and started to work for breaker season 3. Though, for all the years, they have been sending hopes to their fans.

Back then, the author established that they intended to start working on the breaker season 3 once the trinity wonder ends. However, the latter consumed a lot of time to end, contrary to the creator’s expectations. Since the third part of the trinity is over, the writer might start working on the most anticipated sequel. Thus fans have got hopes for the return of manhwa.

So When are Writers Planning to Start Season 3

Since the Trinity wonder season 3 has been concluded, fans have started to speculate the writer could soon revive the breaker series. Later on, these conjectures were never too far from the truth as geuk-jin and jin-hwan have already confirmed the news.

From an interview held by a publishing house named star comic, the illustrator duo briefly touched on come back of breaker season 3. They assured that the manhwa installment would hit the market although, they narrated that the project may take a couple of years to release.

However, the news is not yet confirmed, but the creators have likely begun working on the upcoming season.

When will the Breaker Season 3 Release

Per the write-illustrator statement, the manhwa’s newest release may take some time to hit the market. Geuk-jin and Jin-hwan already have some other projects underway awaiting completion; thus, the earliest date for the breaker season two could be 2022.

The Breaker Season 3 Plot 

Swan Yi is a discipline of Chunwoo Han. He is very wise in matters of martial arts. Murim, a secret materials arts society, is a well-known coalition that finished Chunwoo Han’s teacher Aswell. Murim is in dire need of learning the black Heaven and earth tactics from the Martial Arts Alliance.

On the other hand, Chunwu han is against the murim government, where he is trying to avenge his teacher Anvil by destroying Murim. He decides to join the forces through the black forest Defence Group. Chunwoo is assigned a task mission to go to Seoul from the defense group, which is a group that works against the murim martial arts.

In this mindset, he comes across han shan Yi, and he starts to train him to challenge his weakness. Eventually, he passes them on to his disciple, known as shin yi. After a series of couple events, trying to save Simeon from murim, Chunwoo han destroys YI’s QI center, which enables him to have sufficient protection against murmur since he cannot exercise for martial arts.

After a long struggle, Xiaowon yi has announced the soul as the sin to the Sunwoo clan. Later a new troop called SUCthreatens civilians, while Chuwoon stop and demolishes the SUC group to ensure the safety of the people.

Despite the speculations of the return of breaker season 3, it is not started if it will be an anime or not.

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