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Overview Of Working In Food Industry

When most people think about their dream job, working in a restaurant may not be the best solution, other than paying for bills or trying to avoid getting unemployment. If you are a kitchen manager of any restaurant, you just try to make the best of what you are doing and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Don’t Eat The Food That Is There

It is very hard to resist trying out the food that you are serving, even if you do get a discount on it. Most of the food that is there has high levels of sodium and trans fat which can increase depression levels, high blood pressure, and also obesity. If you only eat a couple of these meals per day, and you don’t exercise, you may end up with liver damage as has been shown by a university study out of Sweden. If you do get plenty of exercise, which you can get if you are serving people all day, try to at least bring a healthy lunch with you.

Take Care Of Your Feet

Since you are going to be on your feet on a daily basis, you need to take care of your feet as much as possible. If you don’t, you could end up with injuries, as well as personal hygiene issues. Use at least a couple of pairs of work shoes, alternating them throughout the week. Cotton socks that are breathable, plus using orthopedic insoles can help your feet feel better throughout the day. You can eliminate the constant weight on your legs by shifting your weight from side to side if you are standing for long hours, even if you have to shift from one leg to the other.

working in the food industry

Aspire For More

If there are any management training positions, you should talk to your employer about them. If you have experience in this industry, you can speak with food service managers that will provide you with training according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Promotion within fast food restaurants is certainly possible, so if you are working consistently in this industry, it may not lead to a dead-end job. Those that know how to prepare the food will make less than $20,000 a year according to BLS data. However, food managers make nearly 3 times that amount for the same amount of time that they are working.

Always Consider Safety First

There are injuries that can occur when working in places with slippery floors and also hot kitchen equipment that can lead to problems. As long as you are paying close attention to what you learned during the safety training meetings, you can start your job, and work for months, avoiding workplace hazards. If you do feel that your environment is currently unsafe, speaking to your employer might be the best option.


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