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Mykhailo Farmiga, Everything there is about his life

Mykhailo Farmigo is well-known as the father of his celebrity children loved and adored by many of their fans. His kids are the ones who have brought the limelight over their father to bring him the luxury he deserved all his life.

Keep your eyes on the article so you can get acknowledged about Mykhailo Farmiga and everything there is about his life. Mykhailo Farmiga, you can scroll down and know or learn everything there is to know about him.


As of today, Mykhailo Farmigo will reportedly be 80-years-old as he was born in 1942, living his best life. He took his first breath in Ukraine, but there isn’t much information about his parents or siblings. He is of Ukrainian descent, and his religion is Christianity.

Though there isn’t much to know about Mykhailo Farmigo, he has revealed that his zodiac sign is Capricorn. Not much information about his childhood, exciting memories or the bad parts are known to the public eyes, so coming to any conclusion of him having any type of friend or family would be unnecessary.

Professional Life

Mykhailo is just a system analyst without any background relating to the entertainment industry or any other industry that could give him a rise towards fame. However, his kids, the actresses Taissa Farmiga and Vera Farmiga, have helped him experience the luxury of being popular among their fans.

Before his kids rose to fame and decided to support their father even after that, Mykhailo was a simple system analytical employee who minded his own business by working a 9 to 5 job at an organization still hidden from the public’s eyes.

Personal Life

Mykhailo Farmigo is living his best life with his one and only spouse, whom he loves ever so dearly, Lubomir Spas. He is a married man with seven children with his wife, Lubomir Spas, who was a school teacher. It has been confirmed that he has yet not been revealed the date of his marriage, keeping most of the memories of his life a secret.

He has seven children, Victor,  Vera, Stephen, Nadia, Alexander, Laryssa, and Tassa. Apart from his seven children, he has become a grandfather of the two most adorable kids, Gotta and Fynn.


Even though Mykhailo Farmigo is 80-years-old, he is still in perfect health and has stayed healthy for a long time. WIthout any disease or a critical illness being diagnosed, the father of seven has lived a sick-free life.

His height is about 5 feet and 10 inches, the average height of a man, but he still has maintained his health and physical condition with approximately 73 kg of weight. He has black-colored eyes and black hair, a fabulous mixture of colors in his physical features.

Final Wrap

Mykhailo Farmigo has not revealed huge information about his life, so it is hard to predict or assume any significant detailed information.

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