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Monster Musume Season 2: Characters, Rumors, Plot, and Latest Updates

Monster Musume or ‘Monsuta Musume no Iru Nichijo (Everyday Life with Monster Girls)’ is a Japanese Manga, TV Animation, and Original Video Animation series that is based on the harem, comedy, and fantasy story. 

The manga series was written by Okayado and published by Tokuma Shoten through Monthly Comic Ryu. It made its original run in March 2012 up to this present time with a total of 16 volumes. 

The TV animation series was written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, the studio produced by Lerche, and licensed to show in Sentai Filmworks, Hanabee, and MVM Films. The anime made its original run from July 2015 up to September 2015 with a total of 12 episodes. 

The Original Video Animation and DVD were written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, and released by Lerche studios. The OVA made its original run from November 2016 to April 2017 with a total of 2 episodes. 

Early Season Recap

Before we dive into everything we need to know and expect from season 2 of Monster Musume. Let us have a brief recap of the first season.  

The setting of the story happened in Japan where for many years, the government has kept hidden the existence of lamias, harpies, centaurs, and mermaids. The timeline where the story began is three years after the government has disclosed the secret of these creatures and has agreed to establish an ‘Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act. From then on, creatures that are called ‘liminals’, became a part of the human community by living with families just like student foreign exchange programs. However, there are some restrictions such as harming each other and procreating.

Somewhere in the Asaka, Saitama region, the main character Kimihito Kurusu was mistakenly given a responsibility by Kuruko Smith to host one of the criminals named Miia. Krause as a good person could not bear to send her away so he decided to live together. As the story progressed, Kurusu became a host to more and more female creatures with different species. The other creatures met him through accident or he was forced by Smith to take them in. It is a fun and exciting story as they struggle to live in one household in harmony while Kurusu is helping them get along in human society. 

The story twist happened when the government changed the human-liminal relationship laws. The government approved of interspecies relationship and marriage and Kurusu became the selected test subject to marry one of the liminal girls. Knowing this, increased the tension and competition among the female creatures in his household. 

Monster Musume Season 2: Plot

Many viewers and fans have loved the unique plot of this anime series and would want to see more of it. But with regards to the future of the anime, the production team has tightened their lips about it, as of the moment. 

During the end of the debut season, creators have left hints that the anime would return for renewal. Based on the spoilers from the original manga series, the second season of the anime will cover the battle of the female creatures against each other in the hope of attaining the attention or marrying Kurusu. Following their exciting story in the first season, we can expect a wild competition as they go all out to win. 

Although the story has been set in the original manga series, animators also have the talent to add new fillers that will expand the storyline, giving it a more dramatic and fun twist. We can only hope that the production team will announce and start the renewal anytime soon. 

Monster Musume Season 2: Cast 

The main characters and cast of the first series will retain their roles. Here are some of the lead characters and their respective voice actors. 

Kimihito Kurusu (lead character) voiced by Junji Majima, Miia (lamia) voiced by Sora Amamiya, Papi (harpy) voiced by Ari Ozawa, Cerea (centaur) voiced by Natsuki Aikawa, Suu (slime) Mayuka Nomura, Mero (mermaid) voiced by Haruka Yamazaki, Rachnee (Arachne) voiced by Sakura Nakamura, Lala (psychopomp) voiced by Ai Kakuma, and Kuroko Smith (government agent) voiced by Yu Kobayashi. 

Other notable characters are Zombina (zombie) voiced by Rei Mochizuki, Manako (cyclops) voiced by Momo Asakura, Tunisia (ogre) voiced by Yurika Kubo, and Doppel (doppelganger) voiced by Saori Onishi. Supporting characters are the couple, policeman, Polt, Kii, The Director, JK Mako-Chan, The Orcs, Lilith, and Draco. 

We can also expect that some of the side characters in the first season will not be renewed, and also, there will be a lot more new characters that will guide the plot of the second season. 

Monster Musume Season 2: Release Date

There has been no official update on the Monster Musume season 2 release from Sentai Filmworks. This includes the premiere date. All decisions that will push through the renewal will fall into the production team. 

Should there be a chance that they will decide to start making season 2 this month, it would most probably be released in mid or late 2022. 

Nevertheless, the animation and story team did a great job in portraying the characters and setting up a full, exciting, and fun story. 

Monster Musume has gained popularity among viewers, fans, and critics. We can only hope and hope that there will be a second season of this amazing anime. 

Monster Musume Season 2: Movie Trailer

Since there has been no official statement of the second season or renewal of the Monster Musume series, there are no trailers available for season 2. 

You can also see some season 2 fan-made videos that are based on their theories and opinions on the story plot. 

If you still have not watched Monster Musume, now would be the best time to take a good time and see it, you can watch the season 1 trailer on any social media, entertainment, and multimedia platforms.

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