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Lipofilling For Perfect Cheek Bones

When we talk about this procedure, it is more easily associated with the b side, being mostly used to obtain rounder and higher buttocks. In fact, few know that lipofilling is also indicated to redefine the areas of our face such as the cheekbones, allowing for a more toned and defined appearance.

The procedure is performed under “tumescent” anesthesia, a particular local anesthesia that involves the infiltration of a pre-mixed consisting of cold physiological solution and a vasoconstrictor agent. In some cases, however, it may be preferable to associate a mild anesthetic sedation, especially if the patient is rather agitated.

Once the anesthesia has been performed, lipofilling involves taking the autologous adipose tissue from the body sites where it is most concentrated and then subjecting it to purification processes. One of the main advantages of the procedure is the very low possibility of rejection of fat as it is, precisely, a product that derives directly from the patient.

Once ready for use, the adipose tissue is subsequently infiltrated in small doses, using needles of reduced thickness, in the cheekbone area. As for the results, it won’t take long to admire the new look. The cheekbones will appear more toned and well defined.


Liposuction surgery has always been, together with breast augmentation, the most loved and requested intervention by men and women of all ages. The reason? The accumulations of fat do not do justice to a perfect silhouette and with this intervention it is possible to permanently eliminate them, especially when the gym does not seem to give the desired results.

However, although it is one of the best known surgical procedures, even today the information we have on liposuction is not always correct and sufficient. So let’s do some clarity.

  1. The ideal surgery to say goodbye to accumulations of fat

Liposuction is particularly suitable for eliminating the annoying localized accumulations of fat that characterize some areas of our body. The intervention aims to reshape the body through the suction of excess fat, also offering a more toned and compact skin. The procedure can be performed in many areas of the body such as the belly, hips, thighs, knees and chin.

  • No more fat pads but let’s not talk about losing weight!

Removing fat pads certainly does not mean losing weight! In fact, liposuction is not an intervention to lose weight, but to achieve body remodeling. In fact, the operation is generally used after following a diet and having already reached a certain weight. The procedure is in fact ideal for redefining the new silhouette and eliminating those accumulations of fat that diet and sport cannot eliminate.

  • A long-term result?

The result of a liposuction is certainly definitive but it is good to clarify one point. Although the removal of localized fat is long-lasting, it is important to remember that you must take care of your body and always follow a healthcare solutions to avoid gaining weight and losing some of the new appearance obtained. In fact, the possibility that the fat returns to settle again in the areas most subject to the accumulation of fat is not excluded.


The reasons why you choose to resort to cosmetic surgery for nose job in turkey remodeling can be different. There are those who choose to do it to get a fuller and fuller breasts after pregnancy, those to correct an evident hypertrophy and those to say goodbye to a congenital malformation such as tuberous breasts.

Here are 3 things to know about this particular breast dysmorphia.

  1.  The shape of a tuber
    Already evident in adolescence, the tuberous breast is characterized by the cone shape, the particularly large areola and the narrow breast base. Its elongated shape therefore makes it similar to a tuber and therefore its appearance is far from the idea of ​​harmony and roundness of a “normal” décolleté.
  2. A limit to self-acceptance
    From a functional point of view, tuberous breasts are not a real problem. Otherwise, from a more strictly aesthetic point of view, it can represent a limit to the acceptance of oneself and one’s appearance, an obstacle to one’s self-esteem and therefore capable of compromising social relationships.
  3. The remedy is surgery
    For the correction of tuberous breasts, upon reaching the age of majority, many women choose to resort to breast plastic surgery. In particular, the operation performed is the peri-areolar mastopexy. The procedure involves the repositioning and reduction of the nipple areola complex and, at the same time, the severing of Cooper’s ligaments that give the breast the unnaturally elongated shape. The mammary gland is then repositioned in its natural location. Finally, in the presence of a reduced volume of the breast, the surgeon can also opt for the insertion of breast implants.
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