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Is window replacement worth the cost?

Yes, window replacement is a good investment for your home, and it is one of the best house improvement decisions that you can make to get a strong return on your investment.

Undoubtedly, replacing doors and windows can be time-consuming and sometimes costly if the overall structure gets damaged and you face some moisture-related issues in the long run.

However, when choosing the professional experts for window replacement, you can easily complete your project from $450 to $4,500 and revamp your home with customized and energy-efficient windows to acquire a greater customer experience.

What is the cost of replacing windows?

Well, it is a bit challenging to reveal the exact cost of replacing windows because the charges of a window replacement project depends on several factors such as the number of windows that are needed to replace, the size of the windows, the quality of the replacement product, the condition of the surrounding wall, window materials, the type of window, and energy-efficiency.

For your information, you can understand that the estimated cost of awning windows is between $350 and $1,050, which is higher than the cost of standard size double-hung windows, one of the most popular window replacement options that will cost around $450 to $600 per window. Make sure the double-hung window with loaded features, costs between $800 and $1000 per window.

casement window

Moreover, the price range of a double slider tilt window can lie between $420 and $1,000, and the cost to replace casement windows is approximately $900-$1,200.

In comparison to double hung windows and casement windows, you can find the price of bow and bay replacement windows a little bit more expensive because a bow window, also known as a compass window, is a curved bat window that is designed to help you get a wider view of the garden or outside streets.

These windows are four or five picture, casement, or hung casement windows that are combined into one unit to create space in order to present the exterior wall of a building beyond your imagination.

On the other hand, the bay window contains one big window pane at the center and provides maximum natural light. It also improves the look and feel of your home and promises to increase the real estate value.

Thus, the charges of bay and bow window replacement can be around $2,500 to $4,000. Also, if you have any specific requirements or customization needs, the price can increase as per the number of options in window replacement.


When is the right time to restore windows?

When considering a Renewal by Andersen window replacement, most homeowners believe that weather can affect the installation of their windows, but it is entirely wrong. Think about the condition where the glass of your windows is broken, and the snow is coming inside. Are you ready to cope with this snow? Because it can ruin your furniture as well as ensure a huge mess on your floors.

Therefore, there is no logic behind the window restoration. Whether it is warm or cold temperature, you should contact the best window installation and replacement company if it is essential to remove the old windows and transform the home look with the latest and energy-efficient windows.

Still, if you want to know when is the right time to replace your windows, then the off-season can become an excellent choice. At this time, contractors are not as busy as the rest of the year, which means you can get more flexibility while choosing the installation dates and obtain a satisfactory window replacement experience without any hassle.

Another benefit of installing windows during this time is that you can embrace the best deals and discounts on window products and easily negotiate the cost with window contractors.

What are the factors that influence the cost of windows replacement?

Here are some factors that will have the greatest impact on the overall cost of your window replacement project:

Tailor-fit Windows

When selecting the best windows and doors company in Winnipeg, Canada, it becomes effortless to customize windows as per the home needs. If the windows of your home are not of standard sizes, you can consider custom windows. Yet, their price can increase by 50% to 100% as per the single window, a custom-built, or the actual size of the window.

Window Frame Material

Many professionals agree that the quality and new windows can last between 10 and 20 years. Similarly, the vinyl windows come with at least  20 to 25 years warranty, which you can consider a lifetime warranty on the product. And these window frames are available at a low price online than other materials, including wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminium, and other elements that make the windows frame material expensive.


If the structure of your home has dry rot or gives other problems while opening the window, it’s high time to address these issues by installing new windows or repairing older ones. Depending on the condition of the window and the scope of repairs, the cost can increase for sure.

windows installation Winnipeg

Full-replacement vs. Retrofit

A full replacement window can cost more than a retrofit because a retrofit means only the window sash has to be removed and replaced. On the other hand, the entire sash and window frame can be removed and replaced in the case of a full replacement option.

Number of Windows

The cost of your house window installation and replacement budget can decide as per the number of windows that need to be replaced. Likewise, the larger the window size, the higher the cost can require to restore windows.

Type of Glass

Whether you are choosing triple pane glass, double pane glass, low-UV glass, laminated, tinted, or other glass options, these are some factors that can affect your window replacement cost. You can expect to pay more for impact glass, such as Eurex Shutters impact windows of Florida. These have higher cost, but offer valuable protection from severe weather, which is important if you live in hurricane prone areas like South Florida.

Type of Window Frames

If you have special requirements regarding the type of window frames like vinyl window frames and wood frames, you need to understand that the price can vary as per the improved insulation, number of features, and other benefits that the contractor is offering for your project.


If you are choosing the local window suppliers, the product charges can remain the same. But if there is a need to send skilled labour with materials from Winnipeg to other locations, the additional cost can be included in your house window replacement project.

Picture-window installed in Winnipeg

Greener Homes Grant

If you are a citizen of Canada, you can get $250 per window upto $5,000 on your replacement window investment. It means the windows replacement services that come with an energy-efficient option let you get a maximum refund under the Canada Greener Homes Grant Program and promise to save more money on your energy bills.


All in all, the window replacement is a worthwhile option when choosing the professional doors and windows company because it has many years of expertise and a full understanding of various factors that make the windows replacement and installation services cost-effective in Winnipeg

Do you want to calculate the cost of window replacement and installation services? Get an estimate for free.


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