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How to know whether you need an electrician or a plumber to repair your water heater

As a rule of thumb, any device installed in the bathroom that handles water comes under the purview of plumbers. In this regard, they are the best people to repair water heaters. Although water heaters are not exclusively plumbing devices because besides handling water, it uses electricity or gas for heating water, sometimes it turns into an issue of electrician versus plumber to decide which professional can do the work satisfactorily. Usually, plumbers are the go-to person when anything goes wrong with your water heater. However, there are exceptions too when choosing an electrician over a plumber would be a correct decision.

You might suddenly find yourself in a tight spot if you discover that your water heater is malfunctioning, and it can ring alarm bells for seeking immediate help to repair the fault.  To avoid any confusion about whether you should call a plumber or an electrician, do not panic but keep your cool and study the situation carefully to understand the kind of problem that you are facing. The better you know the problem and its probable cause, the easier it will be to select the right technician who can do complete justice to the job and save your time and money.

Investigate the problem

First, check the electrical circuit breaker in your switch box to see if it has tripped, which you can reset, and the water heater should be back in order.   Check the pressure relief valve that has a lever at the top meant to test the system. Lift the lever to check if water flows through the overflow pipe. You might find that topping up the water tank is all that you need to restart the water heater. Keep the valve lifted to allow water flow through the overflow pipe that indicates filling up the tank.

If the reset mechanism of the circuit does not work, then you should call an electrician. If the water is warm but not hot, then it means that the water heater’s thermostat is malfunctioning or the off-peak relay switch has gone bad, or if it is a solar-powered heater, then the booster might be malfunctioning.

In both cases, an electrician and solve the problem.

When you would need a plumber

Attending to any water-related issues of your water heater is the job of a plumber. If the water flow to your home’s taps stops entirely, or you notice water leaking from the water heater tank, you need help from a plumber. Again if the water keeps passing through the pressure relief overflow pipe without stopping and you cannot stop it even after maneuvering the test lever, call for a plumber immediately.

The initial step in finding out whether you need professional help in the bathroom is knowing what kind of changes do you need. If you have the right tools and experience, you can make the changes yourself or do-it-yourself (DIY), according to The Plumbing Store. There are various websites that offer quality bathroom furniture, fixture, and accessories for your DIY work.

The plumber can inspect your water heater to detect any aging marks like a rusted water tank and would recommend replacing the water heater before the equipment breaks down completely.  In any case, if your water heater has served for more than 10 years, it does not require a plumber to tell you that it is time for a replacement.

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