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Face Plumping: New Anti-Aging Treatment

While you are unable to fight aging or genetics totally, there are natural solutions to less defined and sagging skin. Perhaps, you may be familiar with one- facial massage. With 40 plus muscles and 14 bones in our face, it is essential to give the total workout it deserves.

At AskCares, we have introduced a unique Deep Tissue Face Plumping massage (The clue is in the name!). To provide this procedure we use a specific machine Charm exclusively made in Kyiv (Ukraine) that combines five different methods to stimulate facial tissues.

Face Plumping: Let’s discover Charm’s range of workouts

Biomechanical stimulation (BMS):In clinically, this physiotherapy method has proven to be efficacious in improving joints’ mobility for years. Now, it is gaining popularity in the modern skincare sphere. BMS uses mechanical vibrations of defined amplitude and frequency to the skin and muscles. Its uncovered benefits include:

  • Boosting blood flow:
    During BMS, the delicate grips, due to deeper mechanical effect, stimulate the different skin and muscles layers alike and increase the microcirculation.
  • Enhancing skin elasticity and volume: BMS increases the elasticity of the skin, muscle tone, under skin fat tone, leaving skin firmed and plumed.
  • Improvement in aging signs: It also smooths out different wrinkles and grooves, including ‘crow’s feet”, radial wrinkle around the mouth, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, and nasolabial folds. Moreover, BDM helps reduce the appearance of a double chin giving skin a more defined jawline.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

This procedure promotes the movement of lymph fluids removing impurities and toxins from the tissues. During lymphatic drainage massage, improves circulation and reduces swelling and puffiness, giving skin an even overall glow. Literarily, it is like a total gym workout on the face restoring youthful face shape.


This minimally invasive procedure helps renew overall skin tone leaving it smoother, clearer, and more even. Microdermabrasion uses a minimally abrasive diamond-tipped wand to gently slough off the topmost dead cell layer without traumatic effects.

The treatment removes complexion-dulling, pore-clogging dead and damaged skin cells while revealing a new layer of fresher, smoother skin underneath. Moreover, it helps boost collagen production and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.


An effective facial massage with an atraumatic procedure that combines fine pinch massage and vibration. Dermatonia helps strengthen the muscles, increases the elasticity of the skin, and restores its protective functions. Moreover, it is believed that this treatment can improve the metabolic processes in the skin, speed up cell renewal, eliminate toxins, and activate circulation.


Aka magnet field therapy uses electromagnetic energy that heats the skin’s collagen (-without touching them) to stimulate further collagen production. Magnetic energy results in skin tightening and texture improvement, including overall enhancement in lower face and neck skin laxity.  In addition to increased collagen synthesis, magnetic field therapy targets: cell metabolism, the reduction of inflammation, and detoxification.

Result After One Session

Ready to loosen up the 40 + forgotten muscles and go into a deep tissue massage to redefine your visage?

AskCares is all about the beauty of the skin. When your skin is tight and glowing that is when you just illuminate beauty. Getting your #BestSkinEver is just an appointment away. Book yours today!

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