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Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Payeer

If you intend to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency or enjoy exchanging it for electronic funds of the Payeer payment system, you can solve the issue in different ways. Nevertheless, two choices remain the most common: processing a transfer through a crypto exchange and concluding a transaction with one of the electronic exchangers. Which method is better can be selected after detailed consideration.

Transfer through a cryptocurrency exchange

When deciding to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Payeer using a cryptocurrency exchange directly, you should know about some of the difficulties of this process. During the transaction procedure, the next nuances may occur:

  • You will be asked to complete confirmation. To do this, you must upload reviewed copies of personal documents to the website and wait for them to be verified by exchange representatives. This takes a lot of time, so if the transaction needs to be completed urgently, verification will become a concern.
  • The exchange you have selected does not support withdrawing Bitcoin cryptocurrency to the EPS Payeer wallet. Then, you will have to solve the problem alternatively, which will also take time.
  • You will be shown the conversion of digital coins into electronic cash at an unfavorable rate. These points are particularly acute when transferring large amounts.
  • Transferring assets to an electronic wallet requires too high a commission.

As you can see, collaborating with exchanges may bring unpleasant surprises. Of course, if you devote enough time to solving this issue, you can find the best option. But often, the transaction needs to be carried out urgently, and then you have to either accept less favorable and convenient conditions or look for another method of organizing the exchange.

Exchange crypto for electronic money through exchangers

This option is more famous than the previous one because it:

  • Fast – many exchangers do not ask clients to undergo verification, permitting you to transfer assets without delivering documents. Funds are credited to the account within 10-15 minutes;
  • Convenient – to transfer the BitCoin cryptocurrency into electronic money, you only need to fill out a short app of a standard form. In addition, you can exchange assets at any suitable time;
  • Promising – conversion is carried out at current rates, and the commission amount is quite acceptable for the client.

These are the major causes why most owners of digital coins determine exchangers.

Regarding safety. Of course, some scammers need to be dodged among exchange services. But if you select a conversion offer on the website of the favorable e-exchangers, in particular,, then exchange Bitcoin for Payeer without any risks.

The terms of the deal are simple. All exchange service offers are distributed in the rating table according to the rate, starting with the most profitable. Thus, the top positions should be considered first. Compare them by the size of the commission, reserve, restrictions on the transaction amount, and transfer method—manual or semi-automatic. This way, you will choose the best solution for yourself.

Next, to exchange digital coins for Payeer in dollars, follow these steps:

  • Go to the exchange service website whose request seemed best to you.
  • Complete the standard application form with the requested information.
  • Check the data is correct and confirm the exchange request.
  • Transfer Bitcoin or Satoshi using the required details through the exchanger.
  • Check your Payeer E-Wallet balance in 15 minutes.

Please contact the exchange service manager if you have any questions before completing the application or form. He will help you understand the intricacies of the exchange and carry it out as fast and correctly as possible.

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