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Essential Tools for a Beginner Barber Kit

Being a barber requires professional training and expert skills. A barber is someone who cuts, trims and styles your hair. However, they do more than that and hence require special barber supplies for this purpose.

Besides the training and marketing aspect of becoming a successful barber, it is also essential to find the right eCommerce store to buy beauty supplies in Melbourne as explained in this article.

Essential tools for beginner barber kit

● Disinfectants: Sanitisation is vital for all barbers thus making it essential to invest in such products. This includes investing in disinfectants for their hands as well as those for the tools. Some of the popular products include disinfectant spray and gel.

● Clippers: This is one of the other essential tools that every barber needs to stock. There will usually be the option of investing in either a cord one or a cordless one.

● Neck stripes: It is essential to use a cape for various services offered by them. This also includes using a neck strip to prevent the cap from touching the skin of the customer. This is a good method of maintaining proper cleanliness.

● Trimmers: It pays to invest in a good quality trimmer which too can be either cordless or with a cord.

● Clipper accessories: Almost all barbers would require these accessories like oil and brush. The oil is essential for the smooth running of the clippers.

● Hair Shears: No barber kit can be complete without shears. There are many types of shears like foundation, bending, etc.

● Combs: This is one of the basic requirements as anyone can imagine. However, there are many different types of combs and it is vital you invest in the right ones. Some of the popular combs include brush, all-purpose combs, and clipper combs.

● Razorblade and holders: There are many types of razors available and they vary in quality. It is essential to find one suitable for your set

● Clips & spray bottles: Hair grippers like crocodile clips and several others that keep the hair together are also vital for any barber.

● Hairdryers: Almost every customer would prefer the barber to make use of a suitable device for drying purposes. A hairdryer is an ideal tool to blow-dry the hair; it is available in varying temperature settings too.

● Duster: Duster is essential to remove any hair leftover after the job is done.

● Haircare products: There is a wide range of hair care products available for barbers to increase the comfort level of the customers and also nourish their hair; this includes after shave, gels, styling products and many more.

● Mirror: This is obviously a must-have for any barber irrespective of whether they are just starting out or experienced.

● Barber chair: Although it isn’t essential for one to invest in a barber chair especially for those just starting out, it is best that they do. Besides creating the right impression it also has several features that make it more convenient for the barber to dispense their services.

barber supply
barber supply

Where can one find beginner barber tools?

There are several wholesaler stores online that offer the best range of hair salon supplies for those starting out in this profession. There are many benefits of buying these products online since it allows one to do their research prior to investing in all the right products.

Some of the popular stores in Melbourne for hair supplies include:

● Belleza
● Global Scissors
● K5 International
● Barber & Hairdressing Supply
● Barberco

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