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Dying Marriage – Signs, Stages, and Ways to Save Relationship

It goes without saying that all relationship has good and difficult times. Partners may experience dozens of ups and downs, and it is quite okay. Still, if you feel depressed and anxious all the time, then you may face a common issue like dying marriage. Experts say that people may have various symptoms, but the stages and ways of how to help a dying marriage do not differ a lot. So, let’s look at this issue more carefully to find out more about it.

Dying Marriage Signs – 5 Things to Pay Attention To

Before discovering the first thing to do in a dying marriage, you should make sure that this is what your relationship really deals with.  The following signs will help you understand what is going on between you and your partner.

1.   A total control

If you feel that your partner controls you all the time, it means they do not trust you. A relationship without trust can’t survive for a long period. First, you may think that it is okay, and your partner shows their care and affection this way, but the truth is the opposite. Over time, you will understand that this control is not healthy. If the partner asks about your passwords, puts limits on finances, and even says who you can communicate with – mind, you deal with a dying marriage.

2.   Contempt

Having disgust towards the person is probably the worst feeling that spouses may experience. It is related to all words that the person says no matter what the situation is. Even if you have real reasons for contempt like cheating, this is one of the major signs of a dying marriage.

3.   Problems with self-esteem

The next sign is the worsening of your self-esteem. It is not okay if your partner makes you think bad about yourself. At these moments, you lose good self-esteem, as well as chances to reach definite goals. Constant criticism and disrespect will lead nowhere but destroy your personality.

4.   Emotional affair

According to dying marriage quotes, most people start emotional affairs outside marriage hoping to find support and attention. Over time, a spouse prioritizes a new person and tries to hide these connections. In fact, such an emotional affair takes a lot of energy, which ends up in a total indifference between a wife and a husband.

5.   Absence of conflicts

Let’s face the truth, conflicts are an irreplaceable part of all relationships. But if you notice that you do not argue with your partner, then it may be a sign of a dying marriage. In this situation, spouses have different lifestyles, they stop sharing good and bad moments, and do not show interest in each other. They even do not want to argue or explain something as there is a huge distance between them.

Main Stages of a Dying Marriage

A dying marriage is not something that happens over a single night. It requires time, so partners are expected to go through several stages. First of all, you stop communicating as much as before. You do not ask simple questions like “How was your day?”, or “What would you like to do at the weekend”. Then, suddenly you realize that your partner is not perfect at all while before you didn’t notice numerous dating mistakes that they made. Later, you start to experience problems with your intimacy. Finally, you understand that something is going wrong. If you are eager to save your relationship rather than going through the rest stages which lead to a divorce, then learn how to save a dying marriage.

How to Revive a Dying Marriage?

If despite all problems and difficulties that you are facing right now, you want to give your marriage a second chance, then start acting at once. First, talk with your spouse frankly. It is possible to achieve success only if you will work on your bond together. Next, you can practice such things:

  • Plan to spend more time together. Spouses often shift their attention to kids, careers, hobbies, friends, and self-development, forgetting how important spending time together is. Therefore, you need to make definite plans. If right now you can’t go on a long vacation to explore nude beaches or enjoy a safari, then arrange a picnic in a local park. Actually, the place doesn’t matter. The most important is that both of you feel enough comfortable and inspired to reveal one another from the very beginning.
  • Recall all good memories. Instead of focusing your attention on negative things, you are recommended to recall positive memories. Remember how you met, and what made you feel in love with each other. It would be great to look at old photos or ask your relatives to tell different stories from the past. Visiting places that contributed to developing your bond, is also a good idea.
  • Ask the therapist for assistance. In case you do not feel enough confident about coping with the situation on your own, then approaching experts may play into your hands. Specialists will listen to both of you attentively, and provide you with effective techniques on what to do to save your marriage.


A dying marriage is what may happen to you 5 or 25 years after starting your relationship. Reasons that cause such situations are different. But knowing the signs of a dying marriage, may help you recognize the issue as soon as possible. It means, you will get a chance to save your connection, and even develop it with a bag. Mind the following effective tips and do your best to be happy with your spouse again.

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