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Different ways of managing content in the PDF files

Managing PDF files and the content in them is not easy, only because of their portable nature. Today the majority of clients are using PDF format to share and save their content. PDF files are undoubtedly the best ones for protecting content. Still, you must know that while protecting content, you would restrict it from any manipulations and modifications. Now, if you have PDF files with content on them that needs to be managed, all you have to do is read this article. In this article, we will highlight the different ways of managing content in PDF files.

Different ways of managing content in the PDF files

Helpful tips and ways to manage content in your PDF file!

Here are some ways to help you manage the content saved in the portable file format.

Manage PDF content with Google drive

If you want to edit content on a PDF file, you don’t always have to download paid software on your device. You can manage content on PDF by using Google drive. You have to upload PDF files on Google drive and convert them to an editable format. You can upload up to 2 GB of files on Google drive. After uploading a PDF file on Google Drive, you can easily download it in MS word format or simply open it with Google docs. Both of these formats are best for editing/manipulating content in the PDF file.

Manage content with the help of a free online converter

If you don’t have an account with Google and don’t want to use Google Drive to upload, convert, and edit your content, you can always use the alternate solution. Today you can find an online PDF converter and editor to help you manage the content in the PDF document. All you have to do is pick the best PDF converter, enter your PDF file in the tool, and hit the convert button. The online PDF to word converter can quickly help you change your documents in your desired format. PDF to Word is getting very common these days, so you should try them.

Manage the size of PDF files with an online compressor

One of the most common cons of PDF files is their size and their limitations. A PDF file with a vast amount of text or media content would always be significant. Large-sized PDF files cannot be read, uploaded, or even shared. If you are facing trouble because of the size of the PDF file, you can easily compress pdf size and manage this problem with the help of a PDF compressor. There are dozens of free PDF compressor which can help you make pdf smaller with just one click. You need to upload the large PDF file in the tool and hit the ‘compress PDF’ button. With this, you can manage the size of PDF files without compromising the quality of content.

Different ways of managing content in the PDF files

Merging content of multiple PDF files

If you have different PDF files that are consuming a lot of space and are getting difficult to manage, you can easily merge your content into one PDF file with the help of online PDF merge tools. PDF merger can help you combine files into one. Many well-reputed websites offering PDF merger! These tools are free to use, and you don’t need any expertise in this regard.

Protecting content in PDF files with lock PDF tools

If you have sensitive and confidential content in your PDF files, it is best to lock/protect them with the help of a security code or password. Today you can find dozens of lock PDF online tools that can help you protect your content in a matter of seconds. These tools are free and very easy to use.

Signing content in a PDF file with digital tools

Contacts, bills, and deeds are usually saved and shared in PDF format. Now, when it comes to signing PDF files, one has to print the file and do it manually. This takes a lot of time and expense of printing. If you want to sign PDF files electronically, you can use the online PDF editor/signature tool. Platforms like Adobe Acrobat can easily help you electronically sign PDF files like a pro. Drawing your digital signature is very easy with online tools. You can easily show that you have encrypted and authorized content on the PDF file by signing it.

Deleting content from PDF files with Adobe

Sometimes you have to delete content from PDF files to make some space or make it concise. In the past, removing content or pages from PDF files was impossible. Still, thanks to tools like Adobe, you can easily delete pages from the PDF file with just a few clicks. You can easily reduce the size of the file by removing pages if you are not interested in using the online compress PDF tools.

These are some of the common management tips for PDF documents. You can try all of them for free and without putting in much effort!


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