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5 Best Sports To Consider For A Great Workout

Let’s be real here. Spending hours in the gym is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us prefer the world of competitive sports; it’s easier to work out when you are not alone.

Pickleball is a fast-growing competitive sport that doubles as a great workout. The correct pickleball court size is close to a doubles badminton court (20 x 40 feet). Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell created this fascinating sport through a combination of other racket sports; two to four players hit a ball with a pattern similar to that of a Wiffle ball, but with 26 to 40 round holes.

If you prefer sporting to a gym vibe, these five best sports will give you a great full-body workout.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is an amusing shooting sport where players will “shoot” infrared light at signals worn by other players. Each player will wear infrared-sensitive devices that register hits and can be integrated within the arena.

A game of laser tag offers benefits similar to an intense cardio workout. Thrill seekers enjoy this game and the health benefits that go hand in hand with physical exercise.


Boxing requires a broad spectrum of talents and skills that can be built and refined over time. This contact sport will build stamina, power, agility, balance, and speed.

Boxing workouts are good for muscle building, weight loss, heart health, stamina, and endurance. Complete body resistance is created with every strike, beginning at your feet, then spanning your calves, legs, hips, core, arms, chest, and shoulders.


The classic twenty-first-century argument is whether dancing is a sport. Although many are divided in this opinion, dancers must be very fit to perform. Some argue that dancers have more strength, stamina, and endurance than professional football players!

Dancing is a complete body workout that is enjoyable. A 30-minute dance class will burn as many calories as a jog but with more excitement. Dancing is good for your heart, balance, and coordination while strengthening your muscles.


Swimming uses every muscle in your body. Resistance training like swimming does not place additional strain on the bones and joints.

Swimming has many benefits, including increasing your heart rate without adding stress to your body, toning muscles, building strength, and building endurance. This sport is also great for those who struggle with arthritis and disabilities.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an excellent workout from the time you put your foot on the wall. With this physically and mentally demanding sport, you must be focused and exert whole-body effort.

Rock climbing will target your core, arms, legs, glutes, and back; every muscle must work together to keep you balanced on the wall. This sport will also increase your flexibility and strength. It takes skill to hold onto tiny handholds and power to propel yourself upward.

The best thing about using sports as a workout is genuinely having fun. When you find something you enjoy, it is easy to stay dedicated; you might even look forward to your training.

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