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4 Simple Steps to Keep Your Propane Tank From Freezing Up

Are you worried about your propane tank freezing up quickly? Or are you looking for ways to keep your propane tank warm for a longer period of time? If yes, then you happen to be just in the right place. Cold propane tanks can affect the performance levels and efficiency of your equipment and affect your day-to-day lifestyle or daily business operations.

It is extremely crucial to store your propane tanks properly and keep them warm and safe all year long. So without further ado, let’s dive in to take a look at some effective ways you can keep your propane tanks warm and safe all year long.

Is a frozen Tank dangerous?

If you rely heavily on propane tanks to heat your home, then frozen tanks can be quite dangerous for you, especially if you live in a very cold place. Every year, we witness extreme weather conditions in certain places, where people fall sick, are severely hurt due to harsh climate conditions, pass away, and more because they couldn’t heat their homes enough in the right way.

Therefore, cold propane tanks can be dangerous if heavily relied upon for home heating purposes. However, the same can not be said for cooking and heating water purposes.

5 effective steps to keep your propane tank from freezing

1. Store your tank somewhere warm

One of the main reasons why your propane tanks are freezing is due to storing your tanks in the wrong places. The garage and basement might not be an ideal location for propane storage. You can consider storing them outdoors in shaded and secured places, where temperatures are above 120 degrees F and below -40 degrees F. Furthermore, you can also keep them under direct sunlight for effective storage.

2. Keep your tank full

Keeping your tank full helps you prevent your propane tank from heating up. Moreover, refilling your tank is a much cheaper and more convenient way to keep your propane tank warm and safe throughout the year. Exchanging your tanks might cost you more money compared to the refilling process, so head to Discount Propane or a similar site to find the most affordable propane for your needs.

3. Give your tank a blanket

If you live in a cold place, then storing your tank in outdoor places might not be an ideal solution for you. One of the greatest ways to keep your tank warm is by using a heat blanket or insulated blanket, depending upon the amount of pressure needed. This way you will be able to secure your tanks from rust and unnecessary wear.

4. Winter upkeep

Regularly inspecting your tanks can help you detect potential problems and find solutions to the same before they become major problems. By simply cleaning and maintaining exposed accessories from snow, dust, debris, dirt, and more you can add extended life to your equipment. You can also seek help or hire services from experts for effective results and better maintenance services.

We hope with the help of this guide you will be able to make thoughtful decisions while hiring reputable and reliable Propane Service Bloomington IL.

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